GH: Michael Easton’s Heartfelt Goodbye Message to Rebecca Budig & Poll to Save Her

Rebecca Budig, in a Facebook post by her friend, Michael Easton.

It looks like it’s not just fans like us here at Soap Cities and many of our readers who are so sad to see Rebecca Budig go.

A Good Friend, Onscreen and Off

Michael Easton (Dr. Hamilton Finn) has shared a close relationship with Budig’s Hayden on the show.

Apparently, the two are close off-screen too. He posted a heartfelt pic and some lovely text to his Facebook page, which you can see below, on Budig’s departure from the show.

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Rebecca Budig Leaving GH 🙁

We hoped it wasn’t so dear Soap Cities  readers…But alas, ’tis so…Rebecca Budig confirmed on her official Twitter account today that she is indeed leaving the role of Hayden on General Hospital.  She confirmed to a fan that “unfortunately, Hayden is being written off the canvas.”  Budig then went on to thank GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini and ABC for giving her the opportunity to play Hayden.

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Budig Thanks Fans For All Their Support

Of course dear readers, we must report Rebecca actually thanked the fans first before confirming her departure:  “First of all, I want to thank all the fans of who have supported me and been so kind. You guys are amazing.”

What about #Fayden & The Webbers?

Also: Steve Burton is on his way back to the ABC sudser too!

We here at Soap Cities are very disappointed in the departure of Rebecca Budig on GH.  Despite the burgeoning popularity of her coupling with Michael Easton’s Dr. Finn (aka #Fayden) and the recent revelation Hayden is Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) Webber’s half-sister, we are scratching our heads as to why the show would let go such a talented actress with tons of storyline potential.

Mad as Hell? Don’t Take It Anymore!

Good news, GH and Budig fans! A Budig-lover just like us and you started a petition to keep the actress on the show. Sign it here!

And don’t forget all you All My Children fans: this frees Budig up to play the role that is synonymous with her name, Greenlee, when AMC comes back soon!

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  1. Vickie Roberts

    I think it has been a very big mistake getting rid of Rebecca budig, I also believe Jerome , & Michael Easton needs to stay. I feel that Sabrina needs to come back. These actors/actress are very powerful. Letting these people slip away will really hurt GH. Get rid of Ava, Obrecht, and nell. These have such a boring and senseless script. These others are very strong actors/actress. If you go ahead and ditch all these excellent actors/actress, I will probably not even bother watching this anymore, Also I believe that Miller should remain as Jason, and give steve another role, maybe an informant, long lost brother or whatever


    • Akbi Khan

      I’m not sure what you mean, Susan. We do not ask for donations, nor do we scam anyone in any way. The petition is not of our making, either. We just wanted to alert people to it.

  3. going to miss eden npt faire to leave so soon why when everything seem to be going in the right way good luck my friend

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