An Exclusive Chat with Carrie Genzel, Part 2: A New Blog, New Projects, and More!

Carrie Genzel in Parallel.

Part 1 of our interview with Carrie Genzel covered the fan fave’s time as Skye on AMC, her thoughts on daytime’s future, and more. Now, here’s Part 2 of our own Chris Chagaris’s exclusive interview with this talented and engaging actress!

New Acting Projects and a Special Blog!

CC: Tell us a bit about your film, Parallel. It seems as if it’s a paranormal-type thriller. When is it coming out? What did you enjoy most about making it?

CG: Parallel‘s screenplay was fantastic, and the director was great to work with. I’m not sure at this moment when it’s coming out, but it was really great to work on because, it’s a cool concept. It deals with a portal to another universe. I play the owner of an art gallery. The suspense aspect is very interesting, and I loved working with Georgia King, who also acted in the film.

CC: Any other projects that you have, current or future?

CG: Well, a film I did called The Layover is now running on Cinemax, and was in theaters this past fall. It’s a female road trip comedy and was a real blast to make. William H. Macy directed it, and he’s such a humble, incredible person. His sense of timing and delivery is so unique to him. He loves actors, because he is an actor. I also worked with Kate Upton in it. She just throws herself in and is fearless. I really enjoyed working with her.

Genzel and The Layover director, William H. Macy.

CC: You won Best Actress in 2012 at the L.A. Underground Film Fest for the short film, The Ballerina and the Rocking Horse. Congratulations! How was it to make that, and how did you get involved?

CG: Thank you! I had worked with the screenwriter on a previous project. He knew my background and a personal, similar experience that I had close to my character’s in the film. I really connected with the character because the woman wakes up and doesn’t understand what’s happening. It was a really great experience but somewhat exhausting emotionally. But, as actors, we are storytellers, so it’s important for people to connect.

CC: Tell us about your new self-help blog, State of Slay. It’s very personal to you yet also reaches out to help others. What inspired/influenced you to do it, and how do you pick the topics you write about? What do you hope for it going forward?

CG: State of Slay went live at the end of June/early July. There’s a blog post I have on there called “A Power Greater Than Myself.” That experience really put the chain of events in motion to propel me to start the blog. I had a frightening experience several years back where I woke up on the beach and didn’t know where I was; amnesia, if you will. As I wrote in the post, the medical professionals at the hospital pretty much decided that I’d hit my head on a rock stepping into the ocean, blacked out, and somehow I was floated back to shore, unconscious.

The universe must have really been looking out for me that night, because somebody, to this day I don’t know who it was, found me and brought me to the hospital. My intention for the blog was to put out a positive message and a place where we can support each other. And, for me, regardless of what you think you see, this is who I am. It’s funny, but so many people think that actors, and people in the public eye, have it made in the shade. They don’t. Life still happens to everyone. I feel, with the blog, that sharing my experiences makes others feel less alone. When you talk about things, the words lose their power so you feel more able to get through a situation. State of Slay is also about going with the flow, practicing what I preach. I blog three times a week, and live stream a “Slay Say” once a month. I am building my audience. Things have happened so fast with it, but I am very grateful.

CC: Do you enjoy interacting with fans?

CG: I grew to love the fan interactions when I was on AMC and got more comfortable with them as time went on. I have to say, that in the beginning [on AMC]it was a bit overwhelming, because people get so invested in their favorite stories on the show and aren’t afraid to tell you what they think! [Laughs]. I enjoy the interactions now, too.

We at Soap Cities wish the lovely and talented Ms. Genzel much continued success, and it would be fabulous to see her return to daytime, wouldn’t it, dear readers!

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