GH’s Rebecca Budig Confirms Departure – is Michael Easton Next?

Rebecca Budig and Michael Easton as Hayden and Finn on General Hospital. / Copyright: Steven Bergman


We hoped it wasn’t so dear Soap Cities  readers…

Rebecca Budig Leaving GH 🙁

But alas, ’tis so…Rebecca Budig confirmed on her official Twitter account today that she is indeed leaving the role of Hayden on General Hospital.  She confirmed to a fan that “unfortunately, Hayden is being written off the canvas.”  Budig then went on to thank GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini and ABC for giving her the opportunity to play Hayden.

Budig Thanks Fans For All Their Support

Of course dear readers, we must report Rebecca actually thanked the fans first before confirming her departure:  “First of all, I want to thank all the fans of who have supported me and been so kind. You guys are amazing.”

What about #Fayden & The Webbers?

We here at Soap Cities are very disappointed in the departure of Rebecca Budig on GH.  Despite the burgeoning popularity of her coupling with Michael Easton’s Dr. Finn (aka #Fayden) and the recent revelation Hayden is Elizabeth Webber’s half-sister, we are scratching our heads as to why the show would let go such a talented actress with tons of storyline potential.

We were all hoping the sisterly relationship between  Liz & Hayden would’ve been explored and the show would have recast their father Dr. Jeff Webber for an explosive storyline.  We hope One Life to Live’s James DePaiva mystery role is Dr. Webber, but now with Budig’s departure it seems very unlikely.

Elizabeth Webber & Hayden Barnes
The Webber Sisters

Co-Star Michael Easton Next to Go?

So dear readers, what does this mean for the other half of the popular #Fayden pairing?  There is speculation by Daytime Confidential’s  Jamey Giddens that Easton also wants off the show.  While we do not know what his reasons could be, we can’t deny Easton’s departure (along with Budig’s) would free up GH’s coffers to pay the hefty salary commanded to secure Steve Burton’s return.

It would of course be a shame if Easton left too, after the show brought the actor back three times due to his popularity and strong fan base.  Plus, we are a bit impartial due to his John McBain days from OLTL and meeting him in person at a exclusive private fan event.

It seems things are looking more red than rosy these days at GH.  Giddens, who recently scored the news of Burton’s comeback coup, says to expect a bloodbath and that there will be more changes.

Buckle in dear SC readers, we are in for a bumpy rollercoaster ride!

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