GH New Episodes to Be Preempted for Reruns This Holiday Week

General Hospital will be preempted twice this week, but reruns will air in its place.

We at Soap Cities are not fans of preemptions, and we know most General Hospital and soap fans overall aren’t either. But there’s a bright side to the upcoming preemptions of GH.

Self-Reflexive Preemption

It’s sort of a clunky phrase, but what else do we call it?

As regular readers of Soap Cities know, we love puns, wordplay, and really anything to do with language. So we’ll just quote General Hospitals’s official Facebook page.

Related: Walker expressed deep gratitude for her comeback to GH earlier this year.

“She’s baaaaaack! Starting tomorrow [Monday]… re-Liv this spring’s most diabolical episodes ahead of our return on Wednesday!” Yes, that’s right, we get to see the riveting, incandescent Tonja Walker as the deranged yet lovable Liv Jerome again!

Don’t Miss: Kirsten Storms is set to reprise the role of Maxie Jones on this day.

Must-Read: Steve Burton is on his way back to Port Charles–vote in our poll if your, happy, mad, or don’t care!

Just a Thought!

Wouldn’t this be a good time to email, Tweet, and post anywhere you can your desire to see Walker back at GH? Walker herself sure agrees. See her Facebook post below encouraging fans to speak out as two of her most “diabolical episodes” air this week.

Also: Rebecca Budig is set to leave the soap she’s called home for the past two years.

With a favorite of our like Rebecca Budig set to leave, perhaps the show can bring back Walker. No one can truly replace Budig, but Walker is her own embodiment of totally fabulous as well!

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Discussion2 Comments

  1. DO NOT TWEET PLEASE!! I do NOT want Tonja Walker back…I want Rebecca Buddig to STAY!
    I couldn’t care less about “Olivia Jerome” because she was such a one-note character! Plus she offered very little in terms of on-going story.

    Hayden, on the other hand, was a 3-dimensional character and had SO MUCH MORE TO OFFER! She is pregnant with Finn’s child and both have so much to offer in terms of storyline.
    So WTF??
    Hayden (and probably Finn) was sacrificed on the alter of Steve Burton??
    The 1-dimensional Steve Burton’s “Jason?”
    Who’s “role” has been SUFFICIENTLY filled by the uber-talented Billy Miller?
    Who at least give some expression to the otherwise stoic unsentimental “Jason?”
    I don’t know what the hell is going on at GH, but I’m not sticking around long enough to find out!

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