In their 30-plus years as soap fans, Soap Cities (SC) co-founders Shawn Brady and Akbi Khan have always loved reading about soap operas, both in print and online publications. However, the two wanted to provide a new angle on delivering news about soap operas.

They launched SC in early 2017 with a fourfold vision: to deliver intelligent analyses along with straightforward news on serial dramas; to offer readers writing executed with creativity and vision; to help keep the soap genre alive and relevant; and to inform, entertain, and uplift their readers.

SC is thus a one-stop shop for revealing the latest goings-on in the daytime and primetime serial communities, an online location for thoughtful soap news content, a place to engage in all sorts of soap-related merriment, and even a shopping destination for fans of sudsy TV shows!

We hope you’ll visit SC often. If you have feedback, comments, questions, or concerns, you may contact us using the form below!

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