It’s Official: Steve Burton Is Set to Return to General Hospital

Steve Burton is on his way back to General Hospital.

It’s official, dear Soap Cities readers, Steve Burton is coming back to Port Charles.

Ooh, Baby!

After a tantalizing tease by ABC programming executive Nathan Varni, General Hospital announced Steve Burton’s return in a breathless promo.

The promo was almost as terse as Steve Burton’s Jason Morgan. Fans who caught GH live today saw a five-second, if-you-blink-you-miss-it, teaser promo. See it in full below, but first, read on.

The promo stated simply, in bold letters: “STEVE BURTON RETURNS TO GH…STAY TUNED.” An image of Burton’s handsome mug followed these stunning words. And the promo was over, leaving us Steve Burton fans, panting for more.

The Comeback King

Our friend Jamey Giddens, the trusted soap source at Daytime Confidential, hinted at a GH comeback that would rock the soap world.

Boy, was he right!

Before Giddens officially announced it himself on his site, Michael Logan of TV Insider couldn’t help himself and revealed that the comeback in question was that of Steve Burton.

The Million Dollar Question/s

But who will Burton play? Today’s mysterious promo didn’t say it would be Jason Morgan. That role is being played by new GH fan fave Billy Miller. So what can we expect next? A Tale of Two Jasons?!

Also, how long will Burton be staying on the show.

Social Media Wars

So what about those fanbase wars Giddens mentioned?! Besides the fan bases for both actors, there’s Jasam 1.0 and 2.0, in addition to Liason (Elizabeth and Jason) fans. And what will Burton’s return do to the emerging supercouple that is Friz?

It’s too early to tell now, readers, but we will let you know as soon as we know!

Take a gander of these images fans created and shared on Twitter.

Additional reporting and writing by Shawn Brady.

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