ABC Exec Nathan Varni on AMC and OLTL Bright Futures–and What You Can Do!

All My Children and One Life to Live WILL come back if you do what ABC exec Nathan Varni said!

You have to hear what ABC Programming Exec Nathan Varni said will get AMC and OLTL come back–and keep the soap genre vibrant!

Actively In Talks

Varni made our soap-loving hearts sing here at Soap Cities when he said ABC is actively in talks to get AMC and OLTL rebooted in an interview on one of our favorite podcasts, Daytime After Dark.

ABC doesn’t have room on its daytime schedule right now for two more television shows, but it is actively in talks “around town [Hollywood]” to find other, likely digital, platforms to put them on, Varni said.

AMC and OLTL on Amazon or Hulu?!

“We’ve been exploring options to revive them online, but it’s going to take a while, because we need to find someone to pay for it.”

Varni added, “In this environment, where original digital is becoming more and more popular with Amazon and Hulu, we are looking for more, perhaps a partnership or a home.”

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The Number One Most Important Thing Every Soap Fan Must Do

Watch. Daytime. Varni proved his dedication to the soap genre and daytime fans everywhere when he said it doesn’t even matter which network you watch. ABC, NBC, CBS–whatever. Just watch daytime. One soap’s ratings are support for them all. “Fans need to band together and return to watching daytime soap operas,” he stressed. It proves the genre has a big, active fan base.

“If the audience can increase in the daytime soap opera viewing space, we have more and more evidence that we should bring back AMC and OLTL [on TV]or sell these platforms on a digital space,” Varni said.

“We just can’t have 500 people watch the show. So, it needs to be millions and millions of people.  The more people we can get to watch daytime TV, the more we can build a case to bring back some of the old favorites,” Varni said.

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You’re Being Heard

Your behavior, watching soaps in particular, matters, said Varni.

“I want everyone who’s emailed, and Facebook-ed, and Tweeted me that we are working on it. We just don’t have an answer as of today, but we understand the shows are very important to the fan base.”  He continued to say:  “I know the fan base is big, it’s hungry, you just have to show up and watch, so that people will see there’s still an appetite for these type of shows.”

But that’s huge, right, dear Soap Cities readers? It’s the first loud and unmistakable confirmation from a network executive that our tireless dedication to our beloved soaps makes a difference.

Other Tasks From Our Two Fave Facebook SOS Groups

First, join the Facebook group Shawn Brady, Soap Cities co-founder and co-Editor-in-Chief’s is co-admin of, Soap Fans United. There, you’ll be always up-to-date on the latest goings-on in the soap community.

Then like Facebook group Save AMC and OLTL (SAO).  Do the tasks which they compile and we repeat for you here. While we love to bring you the latest news on their thorough and inspired suggestions, it’s good to keep checking their page for updated tasks every day.

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Yesterday they suggested emailing the heads of Netflix and Hulu to let them know we want those digi-platforms to pick up AMC and OLTL!

Here is the relevant contact info, as compiled by SAO.

Email Netflix: Elizabeth Bradley at [email protected].
Email Hulu: Craig Erwich at [email protected].

What else can you do?

We at Soap Cities believe Amazon would be a great partner and home for our beloved soaps.  So, we recommend contacting Roy Price, VP of Amazon Studios and global head of Prime Video content.

Tweet Amazon:  @RoyPrice

Price has been working on building up Prime Video to globally complete with Netflix.  When tweeting Price, let him know you are AMC and OLTL fans who would love Amazon to partner with ABC in rebooting our beloved and iconic soaps.

Varni summed it up best:  “Just try to watch daytime soap operas as much as [you]can!”

We wholeheartedly agree, don’t you dear readers?

Give us your input in the comment section below. Check back with Soap Cities for more AMC/OLTL news, updates, fun, and more! Follow us on Twitter at @soapcities, on Instagram at @soapcities, and come chat with us in our Facebook group. All My Children and One Life to Live will one day be back on-screen—never doubt!

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  1. Very happy to hear this! I used to only watch AMC and OLTL. Since they have been gone I’ve been watching YR, BBC, and GH. Can’t wait to have them back. Preferably on TV. Hulu or Netflix if not.

    • All my children and one life to live needs to come back on air. Since they took it off the air I’ve been trying to get it back. I don’t watch the others soap cause they took off the best ones. I’ve been watching these soap since I was a little girl. Bring it back to our television please. Thanks for listening

  2. Is there any way to get an alternative network to pick them up that would make it easier for those of us to watch them, to watch them on TV. Bravo, WE, Oxygen? Just some thoughts on this. Or, how about a SoapNet reboot or another channel decided to not only current Soaps but show reruns of the blasts from the past, i.e. Knot’s Landing, Melrose Play, Beverly Hills 90210, etc. I would LOVE to see the soaps rebooted.

  3. I thank you, once again, Nathan Varni, for keeping us posted. But…………………. There IS room on ABC Daytime. And ABC/Disney has the money to pay for AMC and OLTL. They choose not to. My boycott of ABC primetime will continue until the rats undo the damage they’ve done and the hurt they’ve caused the fans, the casts, the crews of each show – and for the damage they’ve caused to the many businesses in the New York area due to their loss of income because of the selfish greediness. This is not on you, Nathan Varni. This is on the rats of ABC/Disney.

  4. I hope they start off making them 30 minute shows and rebuild the audience and maybe down the road make the shows longer. Internet shows are fine with me. Keeps the casts small…just core families.

  5. I prefer to have my soap operas on TV as they had been. Even if a half hour each to start with. Reach out to the sponsors that had been faithful sponsors. Who says you can’t cancel or move one of the shows that was put in place after cancelling our soap operas. Not everyone has access to a computer. Yet the fan base that had always been there most gave access to a tv. As others have said how about them being put on another channel such as WE or Oxygen. Put as an abc program aired on whatever station. Digital is thought about and perhaps that can be an added or included option. Though I didn’t bother once they had been so overwhelmingly changed that they did not seem to even be the same shows or plots. Using all avenues of airing will help build the fanbase back up. They are there. Just don’t be limiting to how they are reached out to. Again. Some of long time fans don’t deal with computers yet they still have the buying power your sponsors look for in sponsoring shows.

  6. Clearly it just make sense to reboot it back to ABC as of today I am turning in on G/H I am saying it not please please bring back All my children and one life to live please tell all my children characters and one life to live I love them and will do my part every day to bring them back to ABC I am tearing up with excitement right now Peace and love your fan for life Marshall Edward Grier 4/18/18 Wednesday morning 6:33am

  7. I really miss one life to live i hardly watched it we need to bring one life to live back please my favorite characters were on there like Robert Ford, Langston Wilde and the others like Markko, etc.

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