Soap Star Jensen Buchanan Sentenced to 1Year in Prison for DUI

Multiple-soap alum Jensen Buchanan.

Jensen Buchanan also received five years of probation to follow her prison sentence.

No Winners

Buchanan changed her plea in the case to guilty in August, so a court hearing on Friday sought to determine Buchanan’s sentence, reported Noozhawk.

In pursuit of such a determination, Bradley Asolas, who was seriously injured in the accident, provided a harrowing account of the litany of injuries he suffered early on a fateful morning last May when the accident occurred.

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“Even though I didn’t die that day, in a very real sense she took away my life, because now I am going to die sooner than I probably would have,” Asolas said, according to Noozhawk.

Buchanan, too, delivered an emotional statement “as crying could be heard throughout the courtroom.”

“I promise you there is no incarceration that will be as difficult as living with the knowledge of the damage that I have inflicted on you and your family. I am forever changed by what I have done. I will live, rightly so, with the horror of what I have caused,” Buchanan said.

Buchanan is now a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and has been sober for the past year.

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Fans and Ex-Coworkers Weigh In

There is little more to say in this case but what soap writer Mary Sue Price said in a Facebook comment in Soap Cities co-foudner and co-editor’s Facebook group, Soap Fans United: “Wow.”

Other fan comments ranged from the sympathetic to over-it:

“I hate that Sara Gordon will be in jail, but I do believe it’s justified,” noted soap fan Jeremy Dowdy, referring to Buchanan by the name of the iconic character she played on One Life to Live, the angelic Sara Gordon.

“A year was more than lenient considering the damage described by the injured. It’s a sad situation all around. I hope all parties are able to heal,” said soap-er Akesha Horton.

“I have always liked her but she is no better than anyone else. Don’t drink and drive. how many people have to get hurt or die before people quit being stupid,” Kayla Mitchell remarked.

As the judge noted in this case, there are no winners.

But, we hope Asolas, Buchanan, and everyone touched by this tragedy and ones like it remembers that there’s often darkness before the light.

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An Impressive Daytime Resume

As mentioned, Buchanan most memorably played kind and caring Sarah Gordon on One Life to Live, and twins Vicky and Marley Hudson on Another World. She also brought Vicky to As the World Turns, and had minor roles on General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless.

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