GH & OLTL Star Tonja Walker Responds to Our Article on Her NFL Tweet

Tonja Walker, star of One Life to Live and General Hospital.

Tonja Walker took to Facebook to explain what she really thinks about the NFL Take a Knee controversy in response to our original article.

A Soapy Twitter Uproar

Wednesday, Walker tweeted that NFL players should stand for the national anthem, in spite the choice of many to kneel during it to protest social injustices. She said in another country they would be “raking leaves.” This shocked many of her Twitter followers, thinking it was a veiled reference to slavery. Walker insisted she meant nothing of the sort, even saying she was deeply upset that anyone thought so.

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Later that evening, when a Soap Cities article on the imbroglio was posted on site co-founder Shawn Brady’s Facebook group Soap Fans United, it inspired more comments from members of that group and Walker chimed in.

Some commenters were not convinced.

“Walker clearly thinks these guys are dumb, black, cheap labor unfit for anything other than menial jobs. What a jerk!” said Tamara Adrine-Davis.

Other were more generous: “She apologized said she did not mean it as it sounded!! Let’s move on,” said Terri Anderson.

Another commenter simply pointed out that people are suffering as a result of hurricanes and earthquakes, and these life-or-death topics deserve more of our attention. As we know, Twitter can be a harsh place, unforgiving of any missteps or mistakes. Followers have  asked Frank Valentini and Nathan Varni not to hire Walker back on GH!

A Happier Ending

While some soap fans still harbor negative feelings about the whole mess, we have a more positive outlook on the whole drama.

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Too often the Internet is home to trolls, haters, and nasties who use the anonymity it affords to engage in all kinds of indecency and cruelty. Rarely do you see anyone show evidence of growth because of it or the willingness to admit they were wrong about something.

Walker did that, and we applaud her.

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What do you think, dear readers?

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Discussion8 Comments

  1. I’m reading a little sarcasm in her statement. Kneeling to affect change. As if to say, kneeling isn’t going to change anything.

  2. Much ado about nothing!
    How often have YOU said something and had it taken the wrong way?
    We’ve ALL done it people!
    Give the woman a break. She said something “off the cuff,” without thinking it through, and now she’s being unfairly beaten up for it.
    Throwing stones…
    Living in glass houses…

    With all the REAL tragedies in the world right now, this football nonsense has gotten way more news coverage than it deserves!!

  3. OMFG ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! People are going to toss a pissy pussy fit , a cat throwing a temper tantrum over a comment she apologized for saying?! MAYBE IT WAS OUT OF LINE , but THAT’S NOT THE POINT! Everyone was not offended by that comment , as some were. I understand where others are coming from I really do , but if you can’t move on after she apologized , then #YourTheProblem NOT HER!! ITS BS LIKE THIS , where people who say we need to come together against Racism and division , are the very same people who can’t stop being offended , taking offense to comments that aren’t even about them!! F##ING HYPOCRITES! GTFU ….GROW THE F### UP!!

    AND THE PERSON who said she has seen sarcasm in her comment , needs to lay the crack pipe down , because I didn’t see a hint of sarcasm whatsoever!

  4. I never got her statement as a racist one. I truly thought she meant in other countries you can’t protest the government without negative consequences. Glad she apologized for those who were offended – but I didn’t think it was necessary.

  5. I think she’s a great actress I love her cool crazy performance on GH and oltl .
    Any one with a grain of common Sense would know exactly what she saying in her tweets. Yes she should be hired on any soap would be a plus because she’s talented.
    You go girl tonja Walker.

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