OLTL Alum Eddie Alderson Resumes Chemo, Fighting Spirit Intact

Eddie Alderson, who played Matthew Buchanan on One Life to Live.

One Life to Live star Eddie Alderson took to social media to update fans and followers on the latest in his journey to beat cancer.

A New Do, The Same Fighting Spirit

Alderson has shared on his social media the many legs of his journey back to wellness since being diagnosed with lymphoma last November.

The latest such post is an image of him shaving his head–looking rather stylish, if we at Soap Cities do say!–with an inspirational caption.

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In the caption, Alderson notes he’s feeling “great,” even golfing an 86. We admit, we don’t know what that means, but we’ll talk the talented thespian’s word for it that it’s good. He also says he’ll never give in to cancer! Go, Eddie!

A Soapy Family!

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Alderson appeared on OLTL with his sister, Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr Manning). When ABC canceled OLTL, we unfortunately didn’t see much more of him. That includes when the ABC sudser moved to its online home at TheOnlineNetwork, a Prospect Park production. Kristen, though, appeared as both Starr Manning and Kiki Jerome on General Hospital after OLTL got the axe.

Also: Kassie DePaiva is set to reprise the other role that’s made her a fan fave–Eve Donovan on Days!

Alderson was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for his work as Matthew.

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