More Deets on What Jessica Tuck Will Be Up to on General Hospital

Jessica Tuck, of General Hospital.

OLTL superstar Jessica Tuck made her debut on GH yesterday, but we still don’t know all that much about her character…until now!

Foretelling the Future?

Tuck will play “Cassandra,” a woman from Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) past, according to our fab friends at…well, Too Fab! That certainly sets her up for some serious drama, given that pretty much anything and anyone connected to that kooky Cassadine is bound to bring the soapy wackiness!

In Greek mythology, Zeus granted Cassandra the power of prophesy. She rejected his “gift,” and to punish her, he cursed her: from then on she would be able to prophesy, but her pronouncements would never be believed. Will Tuck’s Cassandra have a similar gift-turned-curse?

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Frank Valentini gushed in a comment to Too Fab on Tuck’s arrival in Port Charles, understandably.

“I’m so excited to be working again with Jessica Tuck. It’s been decades since we’ve worked together and I’m excited for you to see what she’s going to do on GH,” Valentini said.

As If You Needed a Reminder…

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Tuck played, of course, Megan Gordon on OLTL, and was the center of oh-so-many fabulous storylines on the show, including a passionate, ongoing love affair with Max (James DePaiva), who now plays Dr. Bensch on GH. Is it too much to hope for that they’ll be a couple in Port Charles?

We have seen more of Dr. Bensch lately, so–fingers crossed!

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What do you think of this totes awesome development, dear Soap Cities readers? Are you beaming from ear-to-ear, like us?

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