GH Star Maura West Dishes Ava’s Romance with Dr. Griff & So Much More!

Maura West and Matt Cohen as Ava and Griffin on General Hospital.

Versatile actress, Maura West, talks about her hot-under-the collar storyline and what she hopes is down the road for her character!

Romance on the Horizon?

It’s been a rollercoaster ride to say the very least, for Ava Jerome.  Not only was she severely burned in the warehouse fire, but she’s taking extreme pity upon herself by holing up in her apartment with various bottles of alcohol as her (misguided) means of solace, save for visits from her brother, Julian (William deVry), and her daughter, Kiki (Hayley Erin).

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And oh, yes, let’s not forget that hunky man of the cloth-turned-doctor, Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen)!

West gave her take on Ava’s situation to one of our fave soap journalists of all time, TV Guide Daytime Columnist Michael Logan.  “She’s an extreme woman and I love that about her,” she said.  “She is always challenging taboos…she really pushes the audience,” West added.

“I don’t know where the writers will take Griff and Ava but I’m all for it!”

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

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Of course, Munro would most probably be a reluctant participant in a romance with the lady Jerome, as, although not a practicing priest, he takes his vow of chastity seriously after the Claudette (ex-Bree Williamson) debacle.  However, this may not be the case if Ava has anything to say about it, as evidenced by her romantic dream starring–you guessed it–the good doctor!

“Ava’s never had much attention or love in her life, and now she’s really feeling ugly and worthless,” West said.  “She’s a recluse looking at the world with 20 percent of her face and drinking herself to death in a beautiful penthouse.  Man can that girl throw ’em back! It’s so sad. But then, suddenly, there’s Griff being so nice to her, so compassionate.”

Too Close for Comfort?!

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Griffin aside, the aforementioned Kiki and Julian also figure into Ava’s very small circle of confidants.  While West admitted Ava “is not honest with Kiki,” she believes “they love each other in a mother-daughter way.”  She added, “I try to layer that in.”

West is also well aware of observations that the relationship between Ava and her handsome brother can seem a bit too close for comfort at times.  “The fans on Twitter have remarked that there’s an inappropriate chemistry between Ava and Julian,” she acknowledged.  While of course nothing is going on between the siblings, West has no problem playing the chemistry on air!

Logan:  Are you layering in that t0o?
West:  [Laughs] Well of course, I am – with ketchup and mayonnaise!

We’ll stick to her budding chemistry with Griffin!

So What Do You Think?

Well, dear readers Soap Cities readers, do see a burgeoning attraction between the repentant mob princess and the good doctor. We’ll just have to see where it goes!

Where do YOU think it will go, readers??

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  1. The thought of Griffin with Ava sickens me. She’s too old for him plus she isn’t a good person! She killed Connie and is also responsible for Morgan’s death. She will always be about number one before anyone or anything. Griff can do much better.

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