Sign Soap Hub Petition to Save Rebecca Budig at General Hospital!

Live for this one–Rebecca Budig, Hayden Barnes on General Hospital.

If you want Rebecca Budig to stay on at GH–as all of us here at Soap Cities do–sign this petition!

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

And it’s unnecessary. Writing Hayden (Rebecca Budig) off GH is one of the most misguided and frankly, inexplicable, casting decisions in recent soap memory.

Our good friends at Soap Hub have started a petition to convince TPTB at the ABC sudser to reverse their decision. Let’s all sign it and get this luminous light known as Rebecca Budig back on GH.

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Just because she’s already taped her last scenes, doesn’t mean the show can’t bring her back, as Soap Hub pointed out.

The Proof Is In the Y&R Pudding

If you’re a Negative Nellie who thinks soap fan voices don’t matter, there are two things you should be aware of.

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We at Soap Cities know for a fact that they do, one example of which is the fact that ABC is in talks to get All My Children and One Life to Live back on our screens in digital, broadcast, or both formats.

Second, Y&R recently announced the bizarre decision to let Greg Rikaart (a good friend of Budig’s, incidentally) go. Fan outcry–including a petition–ensued. Then news broke late this past week that he was making a comeback! We can’t see with 100% certainty that the show brought him back because of fans’ making their voices heard or the petition, but it does seem like an awfully big coincidence otherwise.

Before You Go: Did you hear that this GH fan is on his way to Days of Our Lives.

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  1. Please don’t let Rebbeca ( Hayden) she has come a long way, and deserves some happiness with Finn and their baby>>

  2. Please keep Hayden. She’s so full of life she adds to the show and her departure will definitely lose some of the appeal it has to keep me watching.

  3. You writers need to stop taking the good people off there’s a good story line there with her and Finn you need to let the storyline play out stop taking good people off I’ve been watching this show for 42 years and I’m about to stop watching it

    • Please keep Hayden on the show. She is so awesome and her and Finn are awesome together and after the long road of her turning her life around its ashame not to be able to watch her character grow even more into an awesome mom, wife, sister, and friend.

  4. Save Rebecca – Hayden great actress and Mistake on GH loosing big part of show.. esatablished family now so much more for her and Easton as a couple .. Do not let her go

  5. please don’t let her go her and finn are made to be together they have both had a hard time please keep hayden get rid of some one eles

  6. Rebecca is very important to the canvas. Hayden and Finn’s story is just starting to get interesting. They are becoming parents, they’re engaged,you should let anybody go let it be Amy.

  7. Finn and Hayden are such a great couple, we some happiness and love in the afternoon. We want to see this couple grow. Rebecca is lovely. Would surely want her to stay.

  8. you keep people on who add totally nothing to the value of the show and someone like Hayden is written out.
    bunch of idiot writers.

  9. Is this where I am signing the petition to keep Rebecca Budig (aka Hayden) on GH? If so, Absolutely keep her! She is great.

  10. It’s a mistake letting her go and will regret letting her go just like letting Nikolas go. If you’re trying to save money there’s other unnecessary characters that can go. Keep her on.

  11. Please keep her……I LOVE the story line with her and Finn….It branches out from everything being about Carly and Sonny..(which I love them both)…also her relationship with Liz makes it very interesting…, her father…the stories are great and I see into the future as welcoming

  12. They had a great story line going for Hayden & Finn, please keep her on. I read she had signed on for 4 years, what happened to that deal??

  13. Please keep Rebecca, she is a brilliant actress in is so talented. With all the wonderful actors that have been let go recently it seems a crying shame to let someone go with so much talent with such a huge fan following.

  14. Richard T Wagner

    Please keep Rebecca Budig she is well like and loved by many viewers we love the story line and she has so much more to tell.

  15. please keep Hayden /Rebecca she a great actress. You can get rid of of the girl who plays Michael gf Nell pls.

  16. Akbi Khan


  17. Akbi Khan


  18. Keep her. She’s a great soap star I’ve been enjoying her since AMC and I absolutely don’t understand why GH would let her go

  19. I love her character I loved her scenes with Michael Easton such great chemistry I remember when she was on guiding light she needs to stay! Gh will not be the same without her

  20. GH Writers! You’ve let go one of many young actresses that has graced television on several daytime dramas. Communicate with her and PLEASE GET HER BACK! We won’t know if Haydrn had her baby or if she and Finn married. See what you’ve done! I’ve been watching GH for 51years and NEVER have I ever been upset about any character you choose to let go. Rebecca Budig has graced the television screen with her talent that is superlative. Please bring her back.

  21. Please keep Rebecca on the show. The writers have so skillfully worked her role into one that the fans adore. And the pairing with Michael Easton is magical. She has family connections on the show as well. Since Lucky and Nicholas are no longer on the screen, we have no real sibling stories and her story with Elizabeth was just getting started. I have never written in to ask for a character to be saved, but this one I feel so strongly about. Snatch her back up before another soap grabs here. We need our Hayden!

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