Would Former GH Star Sean Blakemore Like to Return to the Soap?

Sean Blakemore, ex-Shawn Butler on General Hospital.

It looks like Sean Blakemore’s answer is, “yes!”

More Than a Click of an Icon

In response to a Twitter-er posting that a great way to honor his recent birthday would be for GH writers to bring him back to the show, he liked the Tweet. Now, in this day and age, that simple act says a whole lot about what someone is thinking and/or feeling.

A Return to Port Charles?

The hanging storyline–ah, the bane of the soap watching public’s existence! We love the suspense that goes along with watching our fave shows but most definitely don’t love it when a character’s fate is left hanging without resolution. One such character, Shawn Butler, has been off the GH canvas since a brief appearance in April 2016 during a jailhouse visit from Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Billy Miller). Now, though, Blakemore has given fans a ray of hope!

Wrongly Imprisoned

Fans recall that Shawn did not shoot Hayden (Rebecca Budig), although he was present at the scene of the crime, via Sonny’s orders to kill Jake Doe (Miller), who Sonny falsely presumed killed Duke Lavery (ex-Ian Buchanan). Shawn’s shot missed Doe, but, as bad luck would have it, was fired the same time as the vanishing hitman’s shot that wounded Hayden. Should Shawn be sprung from jail for a crime he didn’t commit, there are endless possibilities as to where his storyline could go.

Many Port Charles Connections to Mine!

Where to, fans might ask regarding that last statement? Well, for starters, Shawn was Sonny’s associate before his imprisonment, and a man with a conscience and a strong sense of loyalty, so who better to help the PC don navigate the waters of his professed newfound path of “going legit” than Shawn? Or, how about his connection to the police commissioner herself, Jordan, (Vinessa Antoine), and their son, T.J. (Tequan Richmond)? It would be great to see T.J., who found out his true paternity not that long ago, form a bond with his dad and explore the relationship further. It also would be very interesting to see a possible romantic quadrangle – of sorts! – between Shawn, Jordan, and her exes Curtis (Donnell Turner), and Andre (Anthony Montgomery). Quite the fireworks would be sure to ensue! And those are only two possible scenarios if the character is brought back.

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Do you want Sean Blakemore to reprise the role of Shawn Butler on GH?
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    • Yes please bring Sean back as his Character Shawn .You guys left the man hanging and it doesn’t seem like the character Sonny would not let his enforcer hang out to dry .Since he’s knows it wasn’t his bullet that struck Hayden .

  1. PJ Santos-Eisenberg

    I did find it strange, as Shawn had been imprisoned for shooing Hayden, and we know it wasn’t him. So why is he still in jail???

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