Why We Love General Hospital’s Jason and Curtis as a Duo

GH’s Jason and Curtis: look how cute they are together!

General Hospital’s Jason Morgan and Curtis Ashford (Jason and Curtis–any ideas on a couple nickname, Soap Cities readers?) might have started off on the wrong foot when Jason caught Curtis snooping in Sonny’s office a while back. However, since then they’ve teamed up as an ace crime fighting duo that helped to crack the Olivia Jerome case.

Now that Curtis (Donnell Turner) is entertaining Jordan’s (Vinessa Antoine) job offer of joining the PCPD, if he takes her up on it, he and Jason (Billy Miller)—how shall we say–will be on opposite sides of the law, and alas, their partnership will have to come to a close. We kind of hope that doesn’t happen, because these two are not only great together but fun to watch as well. Here are just a few reasons why we love Jason and Curtis as a team!

Dynamic Duo–They Make Dumpster Diving Look Good, Among Other Things!

Their derring-do helped to make a big dent in uncovering Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) as the culprit behind the car bomb that killed Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig). These two made dumpster diving downright amusing while searching for clues! Who can forget he-man Curtis’s skittishness while wading through the trash, and Jason’s amusement at his partner’s pleas to take the hunt somewhere else!

They Make Grave Digging Look Downright Groovy!

The duo also had the quite the time lifting the lid on Liv’s supposed grave to see if she was actually in there. The relief on squeamish Curtis’s face when they saw that she wasn’t there said it all. These two have had quite the adventures!

Their Friendship is the Bomb–Literally!

We were both cheering and teetering on the edge of our seats when Curtis–despite Jordan’s pleas not to– held firm and stayed with Jason in the elevator as the latter perched precariously on the bomb that Liv had originally rigged to kill Robin (Kimberly McCullough). They diffused it in time, no one was hurt, and that brave act not only cemented their friendship and strength as partners but also impressed us to no end! Their bravado and bravery know no bounds.

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