Tonja Walker’s Much-Anticipated Return Cut Short?

Tonja Walker completes her “General Hospital” comeback–for now.

Tonja Walker took to social media to post a shocking piece of news.

Goodbye, for Now

For now, Walker (Liv Jerome) is done taping at “General Hospital” (GH). Her Facebook post on the subject gives an approximate last air date of mid-March. She also says she’s done at GH “for a while.” This implies, that there is some taping to be done in the future.

Then, However…

Walker says next that she “hopes” to be back. That implies that there’s no guarantee she has a GH future. Scroll down to see the full post and her Tweet with an equally important message on the topic.

Huh–What, Who, When?

We don’t blame you, GH fans, if you’re sort of stunned. As Walker herself points out, ABC exec Nathan Varni, GH producers, show head writers, and the soap press advocated on the beloved actress’ behalf for her return as Liv Jerome.

Perhaps TPTB felt it would be revealing too much about Liv’s story arc to admit that the end of Walker’s 26-year absence from the show was going to be short-lived.

Well, all we can do, GH fans, is pray–and pray we will–that this daytime fave adored by many will be back causing trouble in Port Charles soon!

Think of How Much Fun It Could Be

In her short time on GH so far, Liv has already caused a fire, pretended to be an AA sponsor, and always looked gorgeous while doing it. There’s so much more for Liv to do!

Walker says her return depends on ratings, which depends on viewers. So tune in, GH fans!

A Sliver Lining

In another Facebook post, Walker notes how much she misses her family and being home. A “little break” is fine by her. So that tells us, she’ll be back, if it’s just a break. OK, we’re obsessing too much. We’ll just take it day by day, as Liv is likely telling Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and see what happens.

Updated, February 7th, 2017

The soap press was in a tizzy about Walker’s GH status yesterday. Today the talented thespian took to Twitter to elaborate on what her earlier Tweets on the topic meant. Scroll down to see Walker’s clarification via Tweet.

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