GH Star Kimberly McCullough Dishes on Pregnancy and What It Means to Her

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Kimberly McCullough is back on our screens on General Hospital and pregnant in real life. She posted to her blog about why she loves being with child!

The World Seems to Get It

Pregnancy is magical, it’s hard to deny. Women give life–give life! Wow. McCullough talked about some of the fun, enjoyable things about being pregnant.

“I’m someone who loves being pregnant,” MuCullough said.

Part of her love of pregnancy is how her body becomes its own best friend. It knows when it needs something and it tells her, plain in simple. From eating Rocky Road ice cream to the need to nap, her body becomes deeply intuitive and communicative.

A Happy Reminder

McCullough said men treat her differently when she’s pregnant, particularly ones she reminds of when their wives were pregnant.

“They are so kind and generous, now that it’s obvious I’m pregnant and not just possibly overweight,” the actress shared.

Comrades and Counselors

Women too act differently toward McCullough.

“I get all kinds of great advice. Women are so helpful,” she said.

Even women she doesn’t know immediately warm up to her, treating her nearly like a close loved one, with offers to help and share in the experience of expecting.

On-Screen and Off-Screen

GH Head Writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante have written McCullough’s pregnancy into Robin’s story on the show.

McCullough said she thought this was a great idea because it makes Robin and Patrick more real, she told Soap Opera Digest in its March 13th print issue. Also, it gives Anna (Finola Hughes), recently diagnosed with cancer, something positive to focus on.

“Anna…is feeling really helpless. It’s a good incentive for Anna, something to look forward too,” McCullough noted.

McCullough shared on her blog last year that she miscarried a baby 22 weeks into the pregnancy.

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