Why It Looks Like Hayden and Finn Will Make It As A Couple–Do You Agree?

Hayden, Finn, and yes, Roxy, are set to thrive as a Port Charles couple we love.

One of General Hospital’s up and coming couples, Hayden and Finn, is a breath of fresh air. They have some obstacles to overcome, but we think they will, and here’s why.

Help from A Friend

Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig), a.k.a. Rachel Berlin, and Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) at first seemed like a very unlikely pair and haven’t had what one could call a conventional romance. She is the supposed daughter of Ponzi king Raymond Berlin and later revealed to be the biological daughter of Dr. Jeff Webber. He is the brilliant, but complicated, infectious disease specialist and owner of a therapy pet, the bearded dragon, Roxy. When they met, Finn was still mourning the death of his wife, Reiko, from Blackwood’s Syndrome, the same disease that afflicted him and would eventually infect Hayden. Compounding this whole scenario was/is the fact that he is addicted to Zen Zen, the drug that he was taking to treat the symptoms of the disease before he found a cure for himself and Hayden.

A Perilous Addiction

Finn has been very averse to getting any kind of treatment for his addiction to Zen Zen, which forced Hayden to make the decision to break up with him unless he got help. Now though, it seems he has turned a corner thanks to a pep talk from none other than Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot), who considers Finn one of her few friends and for whom she is genuinely worried. A bumpy start indeed, yet it seems that Hayden and Finn have a good chance of making it through this difficult beginning to find a healthy, adult relationship.

Turning the Corner

Now that Finn has come to the realization that he needs help, last week he called Hayden and told her that he needed her by his side to help him overcome his addiction. It was evident in his words and actions that, although he is probably reluctant to admit that he is scared and needs her, that is precisely where his emotions are. Hayden is surprised to hear from him, but we could see the relief in her eyes. She loves Finn and wants a future with him, and his words must be music to her ears.

A Long Road … But A Silver Lining

Granted, if Finn hopefully goes for treatment and sticks with the program, it’ll still likely be a long, hard road ahead to stay off of Zen Zen and stay clean. However, with Hayden’s love and support and his devotion to her, it looks as if these two have a chance to start fresh and overcome their difficult histories.

Do you think Hayden and Finn will survive as a couple?

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