General Hospital Stars Thrill Fans at Connecticut Event!

Oh-so-many General Hospital stars, with our own Chris Chagaris third from the left, front row!

General Hospital fan faves were in full force at Fantasy Weekend!

GH Stars on Parade!

The vibe in the packed ballroom at the Hilton Stamford Hotel was positively electric. Fans gathered to see their fave GH stars for GH Fantasy Weekend, with Connecticut being the first stop and Andover, Massachusetts the next.

Hosts Laura Wright (Carly) and Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon) revved up the super-enthusiastic crowd as they introduced co-stars William DeVry (Julian), James Patrick Stuart (Valentin), Donnell Turner (Curtis), Haley Erin (Kiki), Risa Dorken (Amy), Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) and, a special treat for longtime fans, none other than the legendary Tristan Rogers (ex-Scorpio)!

Laura Wright, Carly Corinthis, co-hosted the fan event!

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So Many Questions, So Little Time!

The fans, of course, had loads of questions for the actors, and the latter were happy to oblige. They ranged from who inspired them the most–Turner touchingly paid tribute to Tony Geary (ex-Luke) and Billy Dee Williams (ex-Toussaint) as influences, while Dorken sweetly named her actor hubby, Bo Clark, as her muse.

Another fan asked if the actors watched themselves on television, and a few answered in the affirmative. Dorken, for one, said that it helps her to watch the show to keep abreast of all the storylines.

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Wright was joined by Robert Palmer Watkins, Dillon Q, in her hosting duties.

The question of similarities and differences between the actors and  their alter egos drew some interesting responses, with Watkins remarking that he and filmmaker/photographer Dillon share an artistic side, but that his character can be “too nice” sometimes. (He hastened to add that he himself is a nice guy, and of that we have no doubt of the affable actor!)

A Surprise Appearance! (By Phone, That Is!)

Guess who popped up at the gathering via FaceTime? Why, Chad Duell (Michael), much to the cheers of the crowd! Thanks to a fan’s question about whether the cast gets to keep the clothes worn on the show (for the record, they belong to the wardrobe department but can be borrowed).

Wright, Tristan Rogers, Will deVry, Donnell Turner, James Patrik Stuart, Dominic Zamprogna, and Risa Dorken fielded fan questions.

That response morphed into Stuart mischievously dialing up Duell to good-naturedly rib him about his set “sock hoarding” habit. Duell played along and enjoyed interacting with the crowd.

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Past Yarns to Weave!

Of course, beyond the fans’ questions and the abundant excitement over the “two Jasons” storyline taking the soap by storm, there were other topics to touch on, and one of particular interest was whether Robert Scorpio would ever return to the canvas. This moved Rogers, who said he’d love to if it could happen.

deVry, Turner, Stuart, Zamprogna, Dorken, and Hayley Erin regaled fans with behind-the-scenes stories.

The actor didn’t disappoint when it came to recounting fun stories of GH past, such as the time when location shoots were more the norm. For example, the show shot scenes in British Columbia. Rogers also spoke of the times during the Scorpio/Luke years when there was more ad-libbing of lines!

All in all, from the Q&A, to the group selfie of actors and the audience (expertly taken by Turner!), to the group photos for fans at the end, the day was a rousing success.


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