OLTL’s Bree Williamson returns to GH as Claudette!

Bree Williamson as Claudette Beaulieu on General Hospital.

Bree Williamson is set to reprise the role of Claudette Beaulieu on GH.

Never Say Jamais

Jamis is French for “never.” And Claudette, is after all French-Canadian. And we at Soap Cities think one of soap’s eternal lessons is to never say never, because anything is possible. Don’t you, dear readers?

Case in point: Bree Williamson is coming back to Port Charles as the presumed-dead Claudette,  one mother of the in-demand Charlotte Cassadine (Scarelett Fernandez), reported our awesome friends as Soap Central on Wednesday.

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We can only imagine how that naughty but lovable character will complicate the lives of not only her onscreen daughter, but Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), Lulu (Emme Rylan), Nina (Michelle Stafford), Laura (Genie Francis), and who knows who else!

If anyone can contend with these strong Port Chuckles personalities, it’s the tough-as-nails Claudette.

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No One Is Ever Dead

Two GH icons, Jane Elliott (ex-Tracy Quartermaine) and Tony Geary (ex-Luke Spencer) once uttered those words in character on the show. And it seems true! Anyone can return from the dead–this is daytime after all!

Honestly though, dear readers, Claudette’s reported demise seemed permanent to us–we just had a hunch. But we were wrong, apparently. And Williamson knew we were even as she exited the soap months ago.

“She’ll be back,” the actress told Soap Central last fall. “And I am absolutely open to that.

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Williamson is an accomplished actress, one that daytime fans first fell in love with when she played Jessica Buchanan on One Life to Live.

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