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We’re slowly, excruciatingly finding out more about the return of a once-and-future General Hospital star, Tamara Braun, to that show.

A Reason for Giving Thanks!

Braun took to social media to give a short and sweet answer to a fan about when we can first expect to see her back on General Hospital, a soap she once called home.

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Well, now, dear Soap Cities readers, we have one more thing to give thanks for around our Thanksgiving dinner tables, right?

So Many Questions

As longtime GH fans know, Braun is the second actress to have taken on the role of Carly, which is now, of course, played by the inimitable Laura Wright.

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Braun’s upcoming GH character isn’t Carly, of course, then. So who will she play. The show has been mum, but it’s not long now before we’ll find out.

We love this trend of soap actors coming back to shows they once worked on as different characters than they originally played, don’t you, readers? It’s one of those many things that could only happen in daytime, we feel.

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Braun wrapped up another comeback stint as devious mob princess Ava Vitalia on Days of Our Lives. As big fans of hers, we’ve just been waiting and waiting to see where she’d show up next. And now it’s GH–yay!

She also played Taylor Walker on Days. And she portrayed Reese Williams on All My Children, another one of our fave soaps here at Soap Cities.

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  1. I’ve always liked Tamara, so it will be fun to have her back on GH. I’m anxious to see who she plays…hoping it’s Oscar’s mom!
    I actually liked her “Carly” the best, even though Laura is excellent. To me, Tamara had better romantic chemistry with Sonny than Laura has ever had!

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