General Hospital Star William deVry Talks Julian’s Return!

Will deVry as hunky Julian Jerome on General Hospital/Image: We Love Soaps.

Will deVry’s long-awaited reemergence as Julian Jerome in Port Charles has fans on the edge of their seats!

Welcome Back, Will!

Julian (Will deVry) fans are, of course, breathing a collective sigh of relief now that his portrayer,is officially back on the canvas after a months-long absence due to contract negotiations. His first scene, fittingly, had his divorced spouse Alexis (Nancy Grahn) visiting him in prison, prompted by her hearing from his lawyer Scott (Kin Shriner) that he was the victim of a vicious prison beat-down.

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Indeed, when we saw Julian enter to face still-conflicted Alexis, he looked worse for the wear. deVry, in a wide-ranging interview with our idol, Michael Logan, soap’s premier journalist at TV Line, said, “There’s some very interesting stuff” in the works for his character. Read on to see what this intriguing actor had to say!

What’s Next…?

Julian’s chance for release from jail for trying to kill Alexis on the orders of sinister sis Olivia (ex-Tonja Walker) is tenuous at best. However, should he be sprung from the slammer, what’s a (hopefully, though we know it might not last for long!) ex-mob boss to do?

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“First, they’ll have to address what he’s going to do for a living and how he goes about moving into the future,” deVry told Logan. “He will try to move on without Alexis – for now.”

Somehow, some way, the odds seem ultimately in favor of these two finding their way back to one another. However, of course time and circumstances will tell. And of course, there’s Alexis’s and Dr. Bensch’s (James DePaiva) growing attraction for one another, which might be another obstacle among many!

Julexis in Jeopardy?

deVry waxed philosophical about his thoughts on a possible Julexis reunion.

“The audience really needs to get emotional about this separation before any  kind of reconciliation happens,” he said. “Maybe Julian moves on with someone else and it makes Alexis jealous. Maybe she’s like, ‘I’m trying to move on with my life but I can’t because I love this guy,’ … After all, they share a child. They are a family no matter what. Hopefully, there’s some real emotional angst on this nice little trip toward redemption, you know?”

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We can bet there indeed will be on that last point, dear readers!

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