General Hospital Spoilers, Tuesday, September 5th: Finn’s Disappointment

Michael Easton as Dr. Hamilton Finn, in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, September 5th, foretell that the drama in Port Charles isn’t falling to a lower level just because fall is beginning!

A Doctor’s Disenchantment

Hayden may have made a clean break and fled Port Charles, going as far as attempting to erase evidence that “Hayden Barnes” ever existed, but that doesn’t mean Finn (Michael Easton) is giving up on the first woman he’s loved since his late wife.

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Tuesday, Curtis (Donnell Turner) has some bad news for his buddy. He tells him Hayden didn’t just disappear, she’s reinventing herself. Finn looks at the cop/P.I askance as if to say, “No! Say it ain’t so!”

Diamond’s Are a Girl’s Most Troublesome¬†Friend

Anna (Finola Hughes) and Andre (Anthony Montgomer) meet at Kelly’s to discuss some serious business, namely a diamond as consequential as the famed Hope Diamond.

Anna asks Andre in serious, hushed tones, whether he was able to connect the diamond to Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Va-Va-Va-Valentin, meanwhile, is in a position to help.

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A Cordial Invite for Kiki

Dutiful, devoted daughter, Kiki (Hayley Erin), meanwhile, receives an invitation. Over at the Jerome pad, Kiki has a talk with her mom, Ava (Maura West), who’s beginning to come out of her shell, thanks to Griffin (Matt Cohen).

Kiki tells her, “If I can go for what I want, so can you.”

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Excuse us, dear Soap Cities readers, but when has Ava ever needed permission to go after what she wants?

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