Exclusive: Catherine Hickland Talks All Things OLTL and GH

Catherine Hickland, TV icon, who played Lindsay Rappaport on One Life to Live.

Daytime icon, Catherine Hickland who played Lindsay Rappaport on One Life to Live, opened up about where she might fit in if OLTL is rebooted once again.

Three Lives to Live

If One Life to Live were rebooted again, and ABC is actively looking for platforms on which to air reboots of OLTL and its sister show, All My Children, Hickland said she’d be love to be involved, she exclusively told Soap Cities partner Bryan Vaughan of the WSE Lounge Podcast in an interview.

“Oh, of course!” was her response, to be precise. “One Life to Live was a magical show and a magical bunch of people.”

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Why, Oh Why?

In the case of One Life to Live’s cancellation in 2012, the “why” is a man well-known to soap fans by the name of Brian Frons. That was Hickland’s contention, largely recognized as accurate throughout the soap industry and fan community as well.

Frons oversaw daytime programming at the Alphabet Network at the time of OLTL and AMC‘s cancellations. Hickland was not pleased when her own show was canceled, as you might imagine, dear readers.

“I was very vocal, I wrote blogs, I walked in the picket lines with the fans—I went all the way to LA to do that,” the actress recalled.

She added, and as big OLTL (and AMC) fans we concur, that it was a great trauma for fans to have shows and characters they had invested years, often decades of their lives in, axed and gone in a matter of months.

“It was like a shocking death in the family. People felt so disregarded,” Hickland said. She also noted that it wasn’t so much what was done, which might have been understandable in some scenarios, but the way it was done–with total disregard for the show and its viewers.

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Look Deep Into My Eyes, Port Charles

We at Soap Cities think Lindsay could give Ava Jerome a run for her money in the art gallery department, don’t you dear readers?!

So, when asked if she would ever consider going to General Hospital to open an art gallery on GH like on OLTL, our dear Cat said, “no, but I’d consider going on GH to be a hypnotist.”  For those that may not know, Hickland is now a hypnotist in real life!

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Several AMC and OLTL characters or actors have made their way to Port Charles since ABC regained the rights to those iconic shows. So why not our beloved Lindsay Rappaport from good ol’ Llanview, PA?

Well, we would love to see Hickland back in Port Charles in any capacity!  Wouldn’t we dear readers?!

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Family Ties

From the warm, ebullient way Hickland spoke of her time on OLTL, it’s clear the actors on the show were family to her.

Of particular significance to this Renaissance woman were:

–Phil Carey (Asa Buchanan), Clint Ritchie (Clint Buchanan), whom she described in glowing terms.

–Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan) who once gave her a setside pep talk, noting that she had always successfully memorized and recalled the many pages of dialogue daytime actors have to, and she could again!

–Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan), Jessica Morris (Jennifer Rapport), whom she watched grow up on the set and has a special fondness for.

–Timothy D. Stickney, who was concerned that African-American women might have a problem with his on-screen pairing with Hickland. Luckily, Hickland never received anything but positive feedback on the coupling.

Warms your Llanview-lovin’ heart, doesn’t it?

So, dear readers, what do you think about the prospect of Hickland bringing her hypnotic talents to GH, or reprising the fan fave role of Lindsay Rappaport on a rebooted OLTL.

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  1. Catherine Climpson

    I would dearly love to see OLTL come back, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Especially after they had it on the internet with some different characters. That wasn’t OLTL. Unfortunately; I think it is dead and gone. I cried for three days after it went off the air. It was so special; my favourite show.
    Probably never to be seen again. If, by some miracle; it was brought back; of course I would watch it. It would thrill my heart.

  2. There are millions of us who felt the loss after these shows were taken off the air. I never watched online. As I think most didn’t. If OLTL and AMC comes back I will be watching! They were interesting, silly, moving, and a time yo unwind and forget your own issues. The characters helped us do that by their Outrageous, touchinget behavior…and always the “cliffhanger” situations..which made you wanting more. Good luck!

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