GH’s Hayley Erin “Devastated” by Firing of RPW and What’s Next for Kiki



Hayley Erin and Robert Palmer Watkins of General Hospital.

General Hospital star Hayley Erin opened up about how Robert Palmer Watkins’ firing from the show affected her, and oh-so-much more.

Au Revoir, Mon Amour

Erin is beside herself about the out-of-the-blue, borderline bizarre, axing of Robert Palmer Watkins (ex-Dillon) from GH, she told our friend Michael Fairman, one of the industry’s premier journalists!

“Rob is one of my closest friends. I cannot claim to know what is going on, but he will be missed.  Rob called me up and told me when he was let go, and I didn’t believe him. I couldn’t believe it,” the actress said. She stopped from going much further, because she was overwhelmed with emotion.

#Killon Killed

Both Erin and RPW had worked very hard to make the on-screen relationship of #Killon a success for the show and us viewers. She was completely taken by surprise by RPW’s ouster because she thought they “really had a good thing going.”

“I am devastated,” she continued.  “I hope that the story is going to come together in a way for his exit that will give not only the fans, but Rob and me some closure.  I really thought when Kiki caught that bouquet she was going somewhere with that.”

So did we, dear readers, so did we..

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Torrid Triangles

Erin thinks two ideas fans have floated on social media for Kiki’s post-Dillon future are quite intriguing.

A Kiki/Michael/Nelle triangle would be fascinating to her–and us here at Soap Cities, don’t you agree, dear readers?

“They are also predicting an Ava/Griffin/Kiki triangle. That would be interesting to put Ava and Kiki through that again over another man,” the actress said.

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So Hot It Hurts!

How does she feel about potentially doing a love scene with Matt Cohen (Griffin)? Pretty much the same way we at Soap Cities and many fans do!

“When looking at Matt Cohen it is like looking at the eclipse…let’s be honest. [Laughs] It burns. He is nice to look at.

That’s a genius and timely way to put it, right readers?

Kookiness Ahead for Kiki

In the upcoming weeks, Erin’s Kiki will be up to some neat stuff, the thespian told Fairman. She’ll be involved with Franco (Roger Howarth) after walking in on him going berserk on his paintings.

She enjoys getting to explore the way OG Kiki was involved in her mobster mom’s art and criminal-world undertakings.

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I Feel You, Fans

Erin had a message of support to the fans who are upset about RPW’s outlandish ouster from Port Chuckles.

“I love you, and I am right there with you,” Erin said.

Now we’re getting a little choked up ourselves!

How do you feel about Hayley’s thoughts on losing our beloved RPW?  Who would be the ideal romantic partner for Kiki if she ends up breaking with Dillon?

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  1. No need to read between the lines ole frank is back peddling and what a poor reason to fire Rebecca ” organic end to the story line”? Frank r u watching the same GH as the fans? It’s quite clear that STEVE BURTON before signing his contract for GH was estimated his net worth was over 3 million dollars so to pay him meant ditching Rebecca and Palmer. Mind u Steve is an awesome actor but at the risk of pi$$ing all Gh fans off u might have thought harder before u made this stupid move. Thanks to u and the crappy writers u have managed to keep us ( once the #1soap) in 3rd place and run the risk of cancellation. Hope your new writing team comes to bat otherwise we the fans are coming to u if my 54 yr + fav show gets cancelled. Until next time we hope to bombard u with tweets, phone calls, emails and posts to tell u to keep Palmer Watkins and bring Rebecca back.
    All #killionit fans please follow links to sign petitions to keep RPW on Gh . Also fans can call
    323-671-4583 GH fan phone line n leave a message telling them u want a Robert to stay and your disgusted with his actions.
    Ty all

  2. Barbara Scarnechia

    They should not have let Dillon go. That was a terrible mistake and he will be missed. He and KiKi made such a great couple and had a great story line, as some of their story lines lately are pretty boring. Oh well, wonder who is next to go.

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