BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: GH’s Robert Palmer Watkins Speaks Out on Firing…See How You Can Help!

Robert Palmer Watkins, Dillon Quartermaine on General Hospital.

Additional Reporting By:  Shawn Brady

UPDATE:  Robert Palmer Watkins just released a video statement on Twitter announcing his departure to his fans and thanking all his fellow actors, crewmembers, writers and producer at GH.  

Robert Palmer Watkins spoke out on his abrupt dismissal from General Hospital while he’s away from the set on a film shoot.

A Baffling Move

He responded to questions about his departure from our friend Michael Thomas at Soap Opera Intel: “[I have] no idea what’s going on. I didn’t want to leave.”

When we at Soap Cities reached out to Watkins as well to get his reaction.

“So, the viewers are speaking on Twitter. I’m feelin’ the love.” If you want to show Watkins the love, tweet using this hashtag: @KeepRPWonGH.

He admitted he’s as baffled by this out-of-the-blue move by the show as we fans are, dear Soap Cities readers!

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More That Fans Can Do.. Sign! Sign! Sign!

Reaction in the soap world on Facebook has been fast and furious, denouncing the show yesterday for cutting loose a legacy Quartermaine character and much-adored actor.

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In response to his shocking dismissal, several fans along with our friends at Soap Hub and our super-good friends at Soap Opera Intel have created more than one petition to convince TPTB to keep the actor on the show. Here’s one petition to save RPW and Rebecca Budig’s jobs, another to ensure RPW remains at GH, and yet another for RPW.

Stories Cut Short…For Now

Is it just us, but would you, readers, feel cheated if RPW really leaves the show, what with his romance with Kiki (Hayley Erin) just taking off and his taking on more responsibility as one of the last remaining Q’s? There is so much more of Dillon’s story to tell!

Before You Go: Sign the petition linked in this article too, this one to bring Rebecca Budig back to the show.

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  1. toni pietro brendt

    I am not on twitter. but i want to add my voice. i do not want either character to leave keep dillon and hayden please

    • I agree. The fans should have some say in whom we want and we want Dillion, and Hayden to stay.. Get rid of some of the ones we don’t care for and NOT the ones we love. If anyone wants to hear who I am talking about just ask me.. KEEP THE GOOD ONES PLEASE KEEP DILLION AND HAYDEN.

  2. What is wrong with Frank and TPTB at GH? They forced Tyler out with a bad contract! They’ve brought in way too many new characters in Ava, Nina, Julian, Griffin, Nelle, Amy, Nathan, Valentin…not a one of these characters is necessary! Not one! GH is unrecognizable and that is not what fans want! Between all these new characters and GH becoming the Sam and Sonny show…GH is now just awful!

    • Personally I love the ones you mentioned above but we sure don’t need to be getting rid of Hayden when there was a beautiful story line going and we do not need to get rid of Dillon either cause he is really a great addition to the show and after all the backbones of the show are the Quatermanes so why get rid of another one.. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Keep them both if you care about the show at all.

  3. They may as well just change the General Hospital name because it is NOT the same GH that i have been watching for the past 40 yrs!! They are getting rid of so many of the great talents and cherished characters and bringing in pointless ones!! If this show is to continue, they need to get their head out of their a^^ and bring back the characters that we, your audience, want to see everyday!! I know Steve Burton is back on set but nobody is worth the treatment they have been handed because of him. It breaks my heart to see GH going in a downward spiral and it desperately needs the writers, producers and directors to see that!!

  4. Suzanne SachseLuppino

    I want Rebecca and Robert Palmer to come,back to show!😔 I hate the fact you fired Tyler,Christopher as Nikolas. How about firing writers!!!

  5. I was a fan for almost 40 years I stopped watching. Bring Rebecca back and I will watch again!! Now Dillion Too!!!

  6. Just one more false move the show has made.
    Enough is enough!
    Quit firing characters from mainstream families or there will be nothing left on this show for us to root for!
    I know everyone says they will quit the show over these changes, but I won’t!
    I won’t be happy, but I’ll keep watching!

  7. Please bring back, Haley Budig and Robert (Dillon) to General Hospital. They would be missed so badly. Their roles were without a doubt excellent and should be kept on GH.

  8. There are other actors that could be removed and no one would miss them. You know who they are, I know they are not Dillon and Hayden. Think about what the fans want, you need them to keep the show in production.

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