It’s (Unfortunately) Official: Will deVry Out at General Hospital!

Will deVry is no longer at GH…but he could be again!

GH hasn’t confirmed it yet, but Will deVry is not coming back to the sudser, with his contract now expired. Though, there IS hope!

Never Say Never, Just Say For Now

Soap Cities brought you news recently that fan fave and central Port Chuck actor Will deVry’s contract negotiations had gone south. Then after that, deVry tweeted that his contract situation was “still hot,” and he couldn’t discuss it.

But at a GH Fan Club Weekend event this past Thursday, deVry said he’s dunzo at the ABC sudser, for now, reported our fabulous friends at ABC Soaps In Depth.

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“My last day was June 30. I’m not greedy. It’s open ended. I’m auditioning a lot. We’ll see. I mean, I want to come back. Eventually,” deVry said.

Really, GH? Come On!

How much more can a GH fan take?! Rebecca Budig is out, Will deVry is out–oy!

We have faith that GH will eventually work things out with deVry to bring him back to the soap he’s wildly popular on, especially as part of the supercouple known as Julexis!

Also: Breakdown writer Chris van Etten was promoted to this exciting position over in Port Chuck!

And until his charmingly raspy voice and the dreamy, intense looks he gives people come back, we’ll just have to watch old eps on our DVRs to get our dose of deVry.

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  1. I am very sad that Rebecca is leaving General Hospital – I love her and think she is an excellent actress. i am not sad about Julian leaving – I have hated his character ever since he had Duke Lavery killed and got away with it

  2. Such a loss for the show. Julian Jerome was one of my favorites. (Heck, I like all the Jeromes!) Perhaps at least in his absence Ava will head up the Jerome Crime family.

  3. I just read that as of Aug. 12 he will remain on GH……However today on the show he was sentence to 15-20yrs. in prison. ?? How will he get out of that??

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