BREAKING: Days’ Tyler Christopher Denies GH “Never, Ever” Return Comment; Says “False Interview”

TC in makeup room with Kristian Alfonso
First photo of Tyler Christopher on set of Days with Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) // Courtesy:  Kristian Alfonso/Twitter

UPDATE:  In response to tweets from Soap Opera Network (SON) and a fan asking about the GH “I would never, ever return” comment, Tyler Christopher says the statement “is false. False interview.”  In other words, dear readers, TC is denying the whole interview took place!  We apologize for reporting on the interview deemed false by Christopher. We gave the Canadian website the benefit of the doubt after they were the first to report TC coming to Salem.

SON was the first to call out on the validity of the article with Tyler shortly responding thereafter:

A Christopher fan also asked about his comments slamming GH on his Twitter page:

Article on Original Interview As Written

When it rains, it pours… and the same goes for the tea we are about to bring you dear Soap Cities readers!

As you may recall, we were one of the first soap outlets to report General Hospital‘s Tyler Christopher joining Days of Our Lives, thanks to’s exclusive breaking the news first.  We were skeptical about the source and the validity of the report, but our gut told us to go with it and trust their reporting.

And we are sure glad we did dear readers 🙂

Tyler Christopher Playing New Mystery Role?

Now, thanks to an exclusive Tyler Christopher Q&A interview with our new friends at pound o’ buttah, we have even more tea to serve you!!

Many of us in the soap world have speculated who Tyler will be playing at Days. Could he be a recast EJ Dimera… or an oft-mentioned Alex Kiriakis, the son of Anjelica Devereaux and Justin Kiriakis… how about Nicholas “Nicky” Alamain, Carly and Lawrence Alamain’s son, raised by his aunt Viv?   Well if we closely look at what Tyler said in this interview.. it sounds like he will be playing a brand new character!

Christopher:  The character that Ron [Carlivati] created for me is really diverse… really out there… I’m excited to step into some new shoes.

Why Did Tyler Christopher Really Leave GH?

When the news broke of TC going to Days, many GH fans were disappointed he was not coming back to Port Charles as the beloved Prince Nikolas Cassadine.  There is still a misconception out there among fans that Christopher chose to leave the role.  Here he clarifies what really happened…

Christopher: The choice to leave wasn’t my own.  There are a lot of upsides to working in this industry [show business]but there are also downsides, and I found myself in the middle of one.

It appears dear readers, it was not Tyler’s choice to leave the show.  It really is not surprising, since ABC has been playing hardball with the GH actors at contract renewal time.  In addition to Christopher, we can name Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth who were written out of the show due to intense contract negotiations, but fan outcry keep them in Port Charles.  In the case of Will DeVry, we hear ABC refused to negotiate at all, and the actor was written out of the show due to his contract expiring.

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“I will never, ever return to GH.

Well, that comment begged the question, would Tyler ever consider coming back to GH?  Surprisingly, Tyler seemed to be burning bridges with the show that gave him his start in the business 20 years ago…

Christopher:  I think that ship has sailed.  People always save “never say never,” and while I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I can say that I will never, ever return to GH.  

While we love Tyler Christopher, we hope he does not really mean those words, because in the soap world, you always do say “never say never.”  How many times did Joe Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) express his anger with Days but always came back to the show.  Same, with Louise Sorel, who is now returning as Vivian Alamain.  Perhaps, as TC gets older, he will realize that life throws us different challenges and that you certainly cannot predict the future.  Because Christopher is still a young actor, we at Soap Cities will give him the benefit of the doubt!

Christopher’s adamant comments on GH does make us wonder what really went down behind the scenes to give such a bitter taste in his mouth…

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Tyler on Nick Stabile Taking over as Nik on GH

Tyler also gave Pound of Butter some interesting GH dish on the recasting of Nikolas after he left the show…

Christopher: [Nick Stabile] called me a few before he filmed with Gh and asked for my blessing.  He was incredibly gracious.  I thought he made a great a Nikolas and if they do decide to bring him back on to the canvas then I certainly would object to it.

TC on the Firing of his ex-GH Co-Star Rebecca Budig

POB’s interview with TC would not have been complete without asking him about his very popular GH ex-costar Rebecca Budig [Hayden Barnes aka Rachel Berlin], who was just recently fired from the show.  Christopher seemed disappointed that Budig was let go…

Christopher:  I think it’s just really unfortunate when someone with as much talent as Rebecca is wasted.  She’s been doing this for about as long as I have and there’s no one more deserving of success than her.

We at Soap Cities could not have said better ourselves dear readers!

Thank you again to the folks at POB for doing such an informative interview with one of the most beloved actors from the soap genre!

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What did you think about TC’s comments about GH?  Are you excited about watching him on Days?!

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  1. No respect for Tyler after wife swap. He is not a nice person. After this interview, don’t want to see him either again in general hospital!!!!! Nasty person, going to bite you in the butt Tyler!!!!!

  2. In Hollywood those actors are not the characters they play. They have a real life and have to take acting as a business. Even though they are loved by fans. They have to do right by their families and self. If ABC is being tight and pushing their buttons. by all means these actor should move on a find a new character/career. We love Tyler but we love the character more. We wish success and wealth in his new career. I may now following him to Days, why not I am a Soap Fan!

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