GH EP Reveals “A Tale of Two Jasons” at the Summer TCA!

Steve Burton and Billy Miller as ??? and Jason Morgan on General Hospital.

General Hospital Executive Producer Frank Valentini revealed some fascinating tidbits about what’s ahead for the return of Steve Burton as…well, we’re not totally sure still!

Relationship Ripples

At a recent ABC-hosted bash at the Television Critics Association event, Valentini said that Burton’s return will have seismic effects in Port Charles, reported our friends at TV Line.

“Jason’s life affects, like, thirty people on the show. There is almost nobody who won’t be affected by his return,” Valentini said.

So, we know Burton’s return will affect Jason’s (Billy Miller) life. However, Valentini still wouldn’t confirm that he’ll be part of a Tale of Two Jasons storyline. It kind of seems like he will, though, right, dear Soap Cities readers? Read on!

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After all, Valentini did say that at a minimum, Burton’s physical resemblance to the “original” Jason will throw people for a loop.

Add to that the fact that TV Line asked him if he was including in Burton’s comeback lessons learned as EP of One Life to Live when Roger Howarth came back as Todd while Trevor St. John was still playing him, and Valentini said that yes, he was. Hey, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck–it is a duck. And that duck is both Burton and Miller as Jason.

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Vivacious Valentini

The GH EP renowned for a BTS intensity that makes for compelling drama and high ratings, had a message for those sassier viewers among us. To those who think TPTB at the ABC sudser are simply sitting around “making things up as [they] go along” and that fans have figured it out in all online back-and-forth buzz about Burton already, he had a rascally retort!

“No one has guessed right. They think we’re making it up as we go along, when it’s all been laid out,” the EP said.

Before You Go: Will deVry probably WILL come back to GH, thank heavens!

He also said Burton’s return will be a major Port Chuck storyline for at least nine months, until the next soap-y one takes over.

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  1. We want OUR REAL Jason back, and that can ONLY be Steve Burton (no offence to Billy Miller, but he could never be Jason Q. Morgan). And for Pete’s Sake, DO NOT PUT him back with Sam!!!!!!! She has her version of Jason and his child, so let her stay with him. We want our Liason back as endgame, The Greatest Love Story NEVER Told; we’re long overdue.

    • I disagree. Billy Miller is twice the actor that SB ever was….I do not want him back but especially as Jason.

  2. Steve Burton IS Jason Morgan! Billy Miller was great as Jake Doe but not as good as Jason. Both guys are better with Rebecca Herbst rather than Kelly Monaco! Pair Steve and Becky!

  3. Excuse me.. SB didn’t want to be on GH and he didn’t want to be Jason.. He quit.. bottom line it’s not fair to have to fire good actors and actresses to bring him back.. He quit. bottom line. Billy is our Jason.

    • i agree with u Sandy 100% its just not fair to Billy at all!!! let Steve play someone else cause Billy has filled Jasons
      shoes 10x over n has done a great job!!!

  4. I never did care for SB, but I am curious as to where this story is going. So glad it is not like the OLTL take because Ron Carlivati was so AMAZING in his story that there is no comparison! I am sure Shelley Altman will put a wonderful spin on it!

  5. I think like Sandy , Billy Miller is awesome as Jason !! SB left the show and lied about where he was going and then went to another soap ! I do not want him to be Jason again !!!!

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