The Tale of Two Jasons: GH Star Steve Burton Weighs In on Return!


The soon-to-be-back-on-GH, current man of the hour, Steve Burton kept fans guessing as to whom he'll be playing upon his return to the ABC sudser.

Stone Cold, Or A New Character?

Burton broke his silence on this hot topic via Instagram, which only added to the mystery, as it was a picture of vintage Jason in action with the caption: "One of my favorite shots from the @generalhospitalabc set years ago! Will I play this guy again???? Tune in to see #gh #jasonornot #boom #must see." Gee, thanks Steve for making us scratch our heads even more!

Ever since it was announced that Burton would be returning to GH, fans have been clamoring to know what role he'll be playing. Of course, the top brass at GH and the actor himself have been very tight-lipped on the subject. Will it be Jason? Someone new? What do you think, dear Soap Cities readers?Related: Michael Easton penned a heartfelt goodbye to his friend and costar, Rebecca Budig. Sign the petition to save her!Also: GH fans may not know, but this Y&R star just made a shocking return to the show, and fan outcry at his ouster may be why!

Two Jasons?

Adding to the intrigue around Burton's return is the fact that, according to GH exiting Head Writer Jean Passanante and Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman, Burton will be sharing the screen with the actor currently in the role, Billy Miller.Burton and Miller’s co-star Kelly Monaco published this intriguing photo on Twitter:

The photo looks to us like Monaco on back of one of the two Jason’s giving the #Deuces sign, implying (or teasing) a pair of two Jasons.

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"It's sort of a great puzzle that requires figuring out. We certainly want to get the most out of it! We know how important Steve is to the viewers and to us, and it's a challenge to figure out how to get the most out of his [return]that we possibly can," Passanante told our good friends at Soap Opera Digest in its July 24th print edition.

Wait and See

As Burton's first air date has not yet been announced, rumors run rampant as to when he'll pop up onscreen, who he will play, and what his exact storyline will be. One thing's for sure, and that is with Burton back on the canvas, it's a good bet that action and drama aren't far behind!

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  1. I WANT to be excited, BUT I’m so tired of being let down by GH writers. When are they going to stop catering to the JaSam fans and give the decades loyal Liason Fans our “Greatest Love Story Never Told”?! I really don’t care to continue watching if they continue to ignore the history and bond and love that Jason and Liz had for each other. PLUS, their chemistry was off the charts!!!

  2. We know that fans have very strong views on Burton’s return, and we’re glad that you weighed in cillabl! Thanks for your comment.

  3. he is sexey what ever he will be but also please keep haden I love her with finn they make a great pair finn needs to be happy with her so please don’t get rid of her

  4. I don’t see the point of bringing legacy actor like Steve back as anyone but Jason! I’d like to see Burton back playing a Jason who was brainwashed into believing he was someone else. I’d like to see him began to get flashes of memories as Jason Q and Jason Morgan. Burton could struggle with who he really is and what he really wants out of life while his friends and family deal with having two Jason’s. GH needs to pair Burton’s Jason with Liz this go round. I am sick of Sam and Burton always had better chemistry with Becky Herbst! Give us Liason!

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