BREAKING GH NEWS: First Look Pics of Steve Burton On Set

Steve Burton on the set of General Hospital, his once and future daytime home.

Steve Burton, Port Charles Homecoming King, took to social media to tease his comeback to the ABC sudser.

On-Set and On-Point!

Burton shared an image of himself on Twitter in front of Port Charles General Hospital, on set at the ACB sudser.

He added, “You guys aren’t ready for what’s to come.”

And honestly, we kind of aren’t, right dear Soap Cities readers? Since the bombshell news broke that Burton was set to return to the soap show runners, Burton, and other actors have issues mini-spoilers of what might take shape as Burton returns to the ABC sudser.

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What a Short, Strange Trip It’s Been

After vacating the role of Jason Morgan, which made him a star, Billy Miller took it over that legacy GH character and show anchor. How will Burton’s return impact Miller’s presence on GH?

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After his shocking GH departure, Burton originated the role of Dylan McAvoy on The Young and the Restless, garnering a Daytime Emmy nomination this past year for it. He left that role earlier this year, and seemed to be leaning toward taking a break from daytime. But apparently not!

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So what do you think GH and Burton have in store for fans, readers?

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  1. Steve Burton was by choice left Generally long time there. However
    Miller has preformed an excellent job of playing the part of Jason Burton had his time and couldn’t be talked into.coming back Now that Miller has performed a really great job and to play another Jason Please Don’t do that Miller is best Im sure I have not mad a difference
    But l had to try

  2. To be true to the legend, Steve will be Jason with a HUGE memory loss, but Billy HAS MADE THE JASAM STORY COME ALIVE WITH THEIR LOVE, WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK??????

    • Jasam ( Billy Miller) have so much better chemistry than Jasam (Steve Burton). Love the Jasam (Billy Miller) scenes. Steve Burton needs to be paired with Rebecca Heasbt. BOTH BORING PEOPLE. I never liked the love scenes with Burton and Monaco. He wiped his mouth after every kiss.

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