GH Poll: Who Do You Hope Turns Out to Be Jason–Billy Miller or Steve Burton?

Who do you hope plays Jason on General Hospital–Billy Miller or Steve Burton?

While it’s still unclear who Steve Burton will play on General Hospital, we’re asking a question based on an undeniable fact–only one person can play Jason Morgan!

Two Decades of JMo

For 22 years, Steve Burton played Jason on General Hospital. Burton took the character from genial Quartermaine Golden Boy to brooding mob enforcer, Quartermaine to Morgan.

He and Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan) had some sizzling chemistry, and he and Sonny (Maurice Benard) were a pretty much perfect pair too.

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Then in 2012 came the shocking news that Burton would vacate the role he seemed so happy in and that fans loved.

Recast Reaction

More shocking news followed that of Burton’s decision to leave GH. The role would be recast with Billy Miller, who had played Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless to as much fan adulation and with as much seeming satisfaction as Burton on GH.

Recasting iconic soap roles is always a big gamble, right, dear Soap Cities readers? How could anyone possibly fill the shoes of a fan fave actor in a role they’ve put their indelible stamp on?

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But Billy Miller did the almost impossible! He not only made the role his own, but fans embraced him in it.

Freaky Friday, Port Charles Edition

Now Burton is on his way back to General Hospital. We don’t know who he’s going to play, but we have a question we want all you fans to answer. Who do you want to play Jason?! Vote in our poll below!

Before You Go: James DePaiva will now debut in a mysterious new role on GH on this day.

Who do you hope turns out to be Jason on General Hospital?

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  1. FINALLY!!!! The REAL Jason Q. Morgan returns home!!! Sam can keep Fake Jake! Looking forward to a Jason and Elizabeth reunion and eventually “Liason Endgame”! Liason fans have been bashed and forgotten for too long. We’ve had our history not only rewritten but almost erased! We have patiently waited for our Liason’s Happy Ever After; many have left after being so disrespected. It’s OUR time! Time for the Greatest Love Story NEVER Told! Liason Forever!!!

  2. I would rather see Liz and Sam have an affair before seeing either in a love scene with Steve Burton.

  3. We lost too many good actors just to get him back. I always loved Steve but I’m too disappointed at the cost. Don’t care who he plays.

    • Akbi Khan

      We’re starting to feel the same way, Rebecca Budig, Will deVry, and possibly Michael Easton? No one is worth those losses, and we even really like Steve Burton. There had to have been a way to keep them all.

      • i am agreeing with you 100 percent i think the remainder of the soaps that are left are getting nuts these are all talented actors so they get basically a goodbye thanks for nothing? if the soaps dont have the money to keep these people how do you justify new actors? i am very disgusted

        • i agree mindy i dont think it is fair for steve burton to come back and i think the powers that be should have told him to go pound salt he is only going to jump ship after awhile

  4. Billy Miller as Jason period! Remember Jason had reconstructed plastic surgery on his face after that accident. Steve Burton can come as another character AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED!

    • Billy Miller is Jason now-Steve Burton left us in 2012,went to Y&R,and will be gone again soon!!!! The reason why is he has his Port Chuck group,his family and his resturant in TN,and he’ll want to go back there sooner or later!!!! Besides,Steve only takes off his shirt and kisses the woman in a love scene,due to his marriage!!!!! With Billy,there are no holds barred-remember their love scenes? To me,there’s just no comparison-they better not fire Billy for him!!! They’ve already fired Hayden-I’m crying about Fayden!!!!

  5. want billy miller to stay as jason! im not a fan of someone who jumps ship aka gh then go to y&r
    jumped ship again now back to gh he needs to make his mind up

  6. I was very sad when Steve Burton left General Hospital, but now I LOVE Billy Miller and I LOVE him as Jason and his chemistry with Sam is AMAZING!!! I truly hope he stays on General Hospital!!!

    • Please give STeve Burton out of this. If he stays make him a crime mob vote but please leave Billy as Jason. He plays the role so much better than Burton did… I love Billy and Sam together..

  7. I love Billy Miller as Jason. Billy & Kelly’s chemistry as Jason & Sam is Amazing. I want Billy to stay on GH.
    Steve Burton can be another character.

  8. I don’t believe this vote count at all, it’s fixed or it’s bots. No way Billy Miller over Steve Burton! Love Billy but Steve is “Stone Cold” always was, always will be.

  9. Jacqueline Simmons

    GH how many characters are you going to get rid of just to free up funds to pay for Steve Burton return! We are okay with Billy playing Jason he has done an excellent job at making the transition. Steve is not worth our time or the money! Move your feet lose your seat!

  10. Billy made the role his own. He has evolved as Jason, and there’s no going back. I love Billy Miller as Jason, and am angry they got rid of Hayden, and William devry, just to pay Steve Burton to come back. He is very unloyal to his fans at GH, and Y& R. Said the same thing to both of us. He left GH to be with his children, and ended up at y&R, then 3 years later left them, saying he wanted to be with his children, just to end up, back at GH. He has no loyalties at all, and that’s not a good thing. Please leave Billy Miller as the real Jason, and Burton can be, the twin, that Franco once thought he was

    • susan you said it its not fair for steve to come back to gh or y&r he left both orf them of his own free will im guessing that after awhile he will leave gh again

      • Of course he will, he has no loyalties to any of fans, and now I have no loyalty to him either. We lost Hayden and William Devry because of him. He’s not worth the great loss, that we now will have to endure. They should have left him gone.

  11. I love General Hospital I have been watching since I was 15 years old now I”m in my 60s .

    I feel Jason left and Billy replaced him at first i was sad to see Jason but everyone moves on . ……

    Most of the time the story”s are good some seem to be dragged but i still love to watch the Soap

    I tape the show so my husband and I can watch it together he likes it also.

    Keep up the good work you do ………………..

  12. they’re going to fix it where Jason the old Jason Steve Burton is going to be a different character and he is going to end up being a long lost twin of the new Jason Billy and the old Jason Steve Burton it’s going to take over for Sonny or Sonny’s going to give it to Sam’s dad and sunny is going to get Jack’s back that’s my opinion

  13. Steve Burton vacated the role in 2012, then oops!! He shows up at Y&R!!! He side-swiped GH!! Billy Miller made Jason his own as a mix of Jason Q & Jason M!!! I’ve been a fan since the late 70’s/early 80’svand I think Billy Miller should remain as the real Jason Q/M!!!! I see where GH is going with this!!! They are gonna use the OLTL route and to the Todd/Victor Jr thing where Steve B will be Jason and Billy M will be Alan Qs arther son Alan III or something like that!!!! It’s not gonna work with fans who’ve wAtched since the premiere!!!

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