Steve Burton Comments on Possible Jonathan Jackson Return to GH!

Steve Burton and Jonathan Jackson, both of whom have been or will be on General Hospital!

Now that Steve Burton is set to step back into Port Charles life, the actor teased GH fans on the possibility that Jonathan Jackson might reprise the iconic role of Lucky Spencer.

Playing It Cagey

A Twitter follower and GH fan remarked that if Jonathan Jackson too returned to GH, all her daytime TV-watcing would be complete!

Burton had an intriguing reply: “Never know,” the actor Tweeted back. He has also said there are lots more surprises in store related to his GH comeback.

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ABC programming exec Nathan Varni, a favorite of ours here at Soap Cities, said in a comment on Facebook group General Hospital Raw and Uncensored merely that Jackson is still on Nashville. But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t do GH too!

The Dark Side to the Return of Big Names

However much we would love Jackson to reprise the role of Lucky, we wouldn’t want it to be at the expense of more of our GH faves. Just sayin’, right dear Soap Cities readers?

We’ve heard that Burton’s salary and stipend needs may have played a part in the recent ouster of one of our fave GH actors, Rebecca Budig (Hayden Barnes). We’ve also heard that GH playing super-hardball in Will deVry’s (Julian Jerome) contract negotiations was due to the need for more budgetary leeway.

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Your Thoughts

So what do you think, dear readers? Do you think Jackson could be headed back to Port Charles too? Would you be glad if he were? Don’t you love how nothing is impossible in daytime and you really can never say never?! We sure do!

Tell us what you think!

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  1. I use too watch you on GH since 1991 through 2011 2012 your Contrack was up I know you have a family since I use too fall in Love you since 1991 you have my Heart and I am so happy you came you came back know I will fall back in love with you again I can’t wait too see you stand up as Jason Morgan Stone Cold well I like too know how you feel Billy as Jason Morgan too take your Place no one can’t take your place as Jason Morgan. you are best doing that why do want too go back to GH I hope not from the Past that you 1st started everybody will not be happy about that don’t back down I am 100% behind you and your Family too I am your Biggest fan ever and facebook fans too
    From your Fan Deanna

  2. yes! absolutely!! he needs to be with his kids! and as far as liz is concerned i would much rather see her with lucky than to have liz be with franco!!

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