GH Star Steve Burton: Lots MORE Surprises In Store!

Steve Burton, who returns to GH soon!

Thought you were maxed out on the General Hospital-related shockers? Well, get ready for more!

Jolted by Jason!

During a Facebook live chat, Burton offered some juicy info on his impending GH comeback.

““You know I can’t say anything about the story. All I know is it’s going to be real soon and there’s going to be a lot of surprises. So stay tuned. We’re going to have a lot of fun!” he said, according to Michael Fairman.

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He also said his GH comeback won’t be a flash in the pan.

“I’ll be there for a while,” he said.

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Old Friends, New Connections

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He also said hiring Maurice Benard’s (Sonny Corinthos) agent as his own set in motion his return to the ABC sudser.

And who says you can’t go home again, dear Soap Cities readers? Burton said he’s very much looking forward to returning to GH.

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“I can’t wait. It’s been my home for so long. It’s like my family there. We’re just really looking forward to reuniting,” Burton said.

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  1. It’s good that Steve Burton is going back to GH, but he was also as good on The Y&R as Dylan Macavoy! Wish he never left. It would’ve been good to see how the character was doing in the Witness Protection Progam. And the only people who knew Daylan is there is Kevin and Paul! That would’ve been a good storyline and they had to keep it a secret and lie to everyone which is hard! But only in the soaps. Y&R should’ve done more with the character once he entered the Witness Protection Program! Y&R have fans might be wondering about Dylan.

  2. I am upset that they are killing of Hayden and Obreck. Hayden is pregnant, so there will be no baby. I love the story line with her and Michael Easton. I have love Michael as John McBain, or whoever he played. I am not excited about Steve coming back at all. I really don’t care who he plays, but he will outshine Billy. It isn’t fair to Billy. Now I am sure they will be getting rid of Michael too. Probably won’t be watching. I have watched since 1963.

    • ITA with you Julia, Hayden and Finn was a really good pairing and they have fans! No one cared much and Fritz,but it appear that FV and his writers do not write for the fans but for themselves! If GH do not change we will loose the soap! Like that SB is coming back but he do not have the fans and he knows it! Keep Fayden and WD!

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