Donnell Turner Gives a Glimpse of the Man Behind GH Actor

Donnell Turner, Curtis Ashford on General Hospital.

GH fans might be surprised to learn that Donnell Turner is a poet, healthy living advocate and philanthropist!

Poetry Man

Fans know him as GH‘s suave, yet savvy with a heart of gold private investigator Curtis Ashford. Yet, Donnell Turner has multidimensional interests that illustrate his depth beyond that of talented actor. For starters, one of those interests is evident in his poetic prowess, as demonstrated to Day Time Prime Time’s Diann Lewis-Charles. He recited the piece, “Lottery Ticket,” which he composed.

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“I pretty much have a quote for every situation,” he said. “My grandmother and mama are all big on quotes, there’s a limerick…there’s a quote for everything. And, between that and the good book…the Book of Proverbs, wisdom from that … little nuggets, those keep me going, those empower me.”

Listen to the entire interview on Day Time Prime Time‘s YouTube channel.

Fit as a Fiddle

Turner works at keeping in shape, and has words of wisdom on the topic. They include tips on exercise and healthy eating. That toned physique is no accident! Kickboxing and basketball, for example, have long been on his fitness agenda.

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“I’ve always taken it seriously, I’ve always been one of those guys, you tell me broccoli is good for me, I just eat it, forget what it tastes like,” he said. “And, I never had a taste for candy and junk food, so that makes [the]whole process easier because I love to eat.”

It looks like Turner’s regimen has worked out pretty well so far!

Speaking out for Important Causes

Turner exhibits passion in everything he does, be it acting, poetry, fitness, and lending his support for important causes is no different. His activism ranges from being a voice against human trafficking; lending his time to, an anti-domestic violence organization; his involvement in organizations that help feed the homeless; and donating his time to a cause close to his heart, autism awareness.

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“It takes a community, I hate to sound clich√© but I don’t think we can do this alone,” he said. “The people I know that have a child on the spectrum, they find great comfort in talking to others. And, sometimes listening being a sympathetic ear. Exercise helps serotonin levels, endorphin levels, a proper diet. A good network around you, a good church home, a good support system. No person is an island.”

We at Soap Cities applaud Turner on his philanthropic endeavors, his healthy lifestyle and wish him continued success on GH!



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