GH James Patrick Stuart Dishes on Valentin and More!

James Patrick Stuart, Valentin Cassadine on General Hospital.

Daytime fave and GH star James Patrick Stuart star got candid about his character; Nina; and what might happen down the road!

This Cassadine Croons!

Fans ¬†were floored when Valentin took the stage at the Nurses Ball and soulfully sang the Billy Joel tune, “And So it Goes,” of course directed to a stunned but moved Nina. Stuart said that initially, Executive Producer Frank Valentini wanted him to sing a song done by Stuart’s father, Chad Stuart, who was half of the 60’s British pop duo Chad and Jeremy. Stuart was game; however, an idea came to him, he told Michael Fairman.

“Then, I remember I was driving home on the freeway, and I remember I had learned a Billy Joel tune years ago. I thought, ‘Well, that’s perfect!’ It has to be a piano song. It was to be a song that is absolutely saying ‘being vulnerable in front of you is the hardest thing in the world, because you mean more to me than anything ever has.’ ”

No lip synching for this musically-trained performer. He sang the piece live, to the delight of fans and fellow GH costars, especially screen partner Stafford.

Double the Fun!

Speaking of Stuart’s and Stafford’s onscreen pairing, well, let him sing the praises of his co-star!

“She is so dear,” he said of Stafford. “I remember watching tennis growing up and wishing I would have a doubles partner, which I still don’t, but I do have Michelle Stafford. That is what it’s like to have someone in your foxhole that totally has your back. We have very similar sensibilities, both comedically and dramatically. We anticipate each other a lot.”

It’s obvious from the chemistry that the two share in their scenes that Stuart summed it up pretty perfectly!

Down the Road …

What’s next for Valentin, given the twists and turns that his character has been through? He’s chock full of surprises. We’ve seen him start out as a villain, then got a glimpse (and are still getting one!) of a more sympathetic¬†side, with his unwavering love for daughter Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) and, of course, Nina.

“He is luckier than he deserves,” he said of his character. “He makes his own luck. He is also very tenacious; I truly believe Nina will get to the point where it might be tough for her, where she can’t run away, because he is not going to stop chasing her. She is firmly in his sights, and that is what he wants. I think they are good together. I think that Michelle and James are good together, and I think that comes across on-stage, and I think they will write for that.”

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