10 Fun Facts About Daytime Vet Tristan Rogers

Tristan Rogers, daytime vet/Image credit: ABC Soaps in Depth, JPI.

Get to know more about Y&R’s Colin (and General Hospital’s ex-Scorpio!)

1. Gem of a Gemini

Rogers was born under the sign of the twins on June 3rd.

“Expressive and quick-witted, Gemini represents two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face,” according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. Y&R‘s Colin and GH‘sRobert?

2. Antipodean Roots

G’day, mate! Rogers hails from Melbourne, Australia.

3. Soap Vet

He was a vet of Australian soaps before hitting it big in the U.S. The Box, Number 96 and Bellbird were among the shows he starred in Down Under.

4. Making His Mark

Rogers took the U.S. soap world by storm when he first appeared on GH in 1980. It was a first having an Australian actor speaking in his native accent, which captivated audiences.

5. Back to Life

Rogers Breathed life back into Scorpio when he resumed the role (this time not as a back-from-the-dead spirit!) in 2006, as the character was supposedly killed in a boat explosion in 1992. He also appeared as the character in the spinoff GH: Night Shift, and has since reprised his iconic role several times on GH.

6. Network Soap Mainstay …

Rogers wasn’t away from network soaps for long upon his GH departure. He began his Y&R run in 2010, with some stints as Scorpio in between. Double the delight!

7. …And a Web Soaper, Too!

Rogers’ soap presence is also visible on The Bay as Lex Martin.

8. Daytime to Primetime

His handsome face and terrific talent have also lent themselves to popular nighttime shows as well. They include The Love Boat, Hotel, and Walker, Texas Ranger to name a few.

9. That Voice!

He’s used his mellifluous Aussie tones for ads for Outback Steakhouse and Foster’s Lager, among others.

10. Family Man

Rogers is married to Teresa Parkerson. They are the proud parents of daughter Sara and son Cale.

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