Days of Our Lives Script Reveals Ciara Recast

A leaked image of a Days of Our Lives script! Look whose name is on it–Ciara!

We heard rumblings, and now we know it’s true: Ciara Brady on Days of Our Lives is coming back–played by a new actress, though!

Welcome Home–You Look So Different!

Days of Our Lives guru Jason47 posted to Facebook the exciting news that, according to a leaked script, the role of Ciara Brady has been recast.

The script is for Episode #13244, which will air on December 27th, 2017. “Marci/Abigail” is written in neat handwriting at the top, so presumably the script belongs to Marci Miller (Abigail Deveraux).

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Jovanni Jettisoned

Rumors swirled for a few months that a young actress at Days was being let go. With the show’s 6-month-ahead taping schedule, it’s not easy to see where storylines are headed so far down the line. Nevertheless, many assumed Jovanni was the one set to leave.

Later, after Jonathan McClendon (ex-Chase Jennings) was let go, he went on a Twitter tirade about how badly the show treated him and a friend who was also let go from the show. Many fan and industry-watchers assumed he meant Jovanni.

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A Complicated History

Actress Lauren Boles previously played a young Ciara. When the character was SORAS-ed, or rapidly aged using Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome, Jovanni was cast to play the pivotal Salem legacy character.

The teen scene in Salem has been dark and unpleasant for a while now, and Jovanni (not to mention McClendon) was caught in the middle perhaps the most disturbing and unpopular storyline of all when she was raped in the Horton living room by her step-brother Chase. It was traumatic to watch for many, and seemed to be painful for the actors too.

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