BREAKING: Alison Sweeney Gets Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker!

Alison Sweeney, Sami Brady on Days of Our Lives.

Dear Soap Cities readers, we have an actual soap crime story to report.  We advise reader discretion due to the nature of the story, including sex and language.

Days of Our Lives
 star Alison Sweeney took a step to protect herself from a man who has been stalking her online for years.

Legal Action

Sweeney has obtained a restraining order from a man named Christopher LuVisi.  TMZ exclusively reported he has allegedly been stalking her through at least a dozen social media accounts!

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The judge’s restraining order now bars LuVisi from coming within 1,000 feet of Sweeney and her family, including her home, her work, car, and children’s school.

LuVisi’s messages “got more ominous over the past 9 months..trying to extort thousands of dollars from her.  He threatened he had pictures of her genitals and said he would send them to her husband unless she paid him money,” TMZ reported.

“LuVisi believes he’s entangled in an affair with Sweeney. Whenever Sweeney attempted to block him, she says he’d just create a new account and continue his trolling,” the entertainment news website continued.

Sweeney apparently feared for her life after he wrote, “B***h you better answer me,” and “You can’t hide from me, you sorry a** b***h,” according to the same legal docs obtained by TMZ.

While we understand these are strong profane words dear SC readers, it’s important that we report the facts as much without censorship in order to show how real life can affect our beloved soap actors too.

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A Bold Step

When Sweeney contacted the California Highway Patrol (CHP) last month, TMZ said LuVisi’s wife claimed her husband was the victim of a catfish style online scam by someone who claimed to be Sweeney.

Interestingly SC dear readers, Alison Sweeney’s husband David Sanov is an officer with the CHP!

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Sweeney recently finished taping a Days comeback that many say will coincide with that of her onscreen son Will, played by Chandler Massey.

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Additional Reporting by:  Shawn Brady

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