Days of Our Lives Casting New Character–Or Recasting Old One?

Actor Stephanie Fantauzzi, who rumors say may replace Vivian Jovanni on Days of Our Lives.

An audition video was leaked online of an actress whose look and behavior resemble that of exiting Days of Our Lives actress Vivian Jovanni. The character in the video is identified as “Mia,” however.

Bussing Tables and Busting Chops

In the video, an intrusive, aggressive patron hits on Mia while she waits tables. Days guru Jason47 posted the video to his Facebook page. You can see the post and fan discussion on who this mystery woman may be below.

“A video was just posted today for the role of ‘Mia.’ In the dialogue, Mia is said to have a motorcycle and wears jeans and a T-shirt. This does not necessarily have to be a new character. The name could be a code name for a new recast. Only time will tell..,” said Jason47 in his post. Scroll down to see the video, too, or go directly to Vimeo to view it.

Mia is not pleased with the patron’s aggressive come-ons, and she lets him know that. Actress Stephanie Fantauzzi plays this character with a strength bordering on abrasiveness, which doesn’t strike us as the slightly vulnerable and softer Ciara (Vivian Jovanni).

However, Vivian Jovanni is set to leave Days, as reported last December by Soap Central and many other soap news outlets. Fantauzzi does bear a physical resemblance to Jovanni. And her outfit of choice, jeans and a t-shirt, along with her affection for motorcycles, does sound Ciara-esque.

Sayonara, Ciara?

On the other hand, Ciara may call it quits in Salem altogether. In that case, Mia could be a wholly new character on the Salem canvas, or a woman from Chad’s (Billy Flynn) past, as many Days fans noted in the Facebook comments on Jason47’s online post. What do you think, dear Soap Cities readers?

Stephanie Fantauzzi – DAYS OF OUR LIVES – MIA from Sharon Paz Assistant on Vimeo.

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  1. This new Ciara sucks. The last one was cute. Smart. Pleasant and looked like Hope. I hate this new Ciara. Worst cast change ever.

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