Vincent Irizarry on Bringing AMC Fan Fave David Hayward Back to Our Screens

Vincent Irizarry, soap vet and fan fave.

Vincent Irizarry dished on how he feels about the possibility of a David Hayward, the iconic All My Children villain he played, redux now that he’s done at Days of Our Lives.

Affection and Reflection

“I love that character, and if the opportunity rose, I’d certainly consider it,” Irizarry told Soap Hub.

The opportunity very well may rise in two different contexts. Now that ABC has the rights to All My Children and One Life to Live back, we at Soap Cities know they will do the right thing and resurrect those shows.

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In the meantime, General Hospital is in talks on how to bring AMC and OLTL characters back to life on that ABC sudser. And as GH and OLTL fans know, Nora Buchanan (Hillary B. Smith) recently made a highly anticipated and praised Port Charles appearance to defend Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) in his custody battle with Lulu (Emme Rylan).

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Crossover Cool

Back in the days when there was more than one ABC soap and they relished character crossovers, Anna (Finola Hughes) went from GH to AMC for a time. She and David had a daughter who died.

“I love working with Finola, as well,” Irizarry said. “We had a great working relationship together. The characters just worked,” Irizarry said. He added that the many people he’s worked with behind the camera over at GH would also make appearing on that soap a welcome experience.

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So keep your fingers crossed AMC fans. And as always, it never hurts to let The Powers That Be at the networks and shows know how you feel.

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  1. I’d love to have Dr. Dave/V.I. come to GH. And I’d love to see David re-connect with Anna! She needs him right NOW.

    As far as re-booting AMC and OLTL, it ain’t gonna happen, so lets just lobby for some of the beloved characters to come to Port Charles. Rather than bringing on any “new, unknown characters” they need to utilize characters from the former shows.

    • Akbi Khan

      Though we honor the right of everyone to have and voice their own opinions, and love that you regularly read and comment, SallyZ, we think AMC and OLTL will come back 🙂 But we also like the idea of characters from those shows on GH!

  2. I would love to see Dr. David Hayward come to Port Charles! He needs to help Anna Devane rightnow , so she can get back to her life at home. As far as a reboot of AMC AND OLTL SallyZ… I believe it will happen , if ABC knows what’s best for the network , or they’ll go extinct if possible. Their viewership is still low and no one is watching The Rat Network. They should’ve never been cancelled in the first place and lost a s–tload of viewers when that happened 6yrs ago in 2011. And now they have the rights back you never know what they’ll do. So incorporating Pine Valley and Llanview residents/characters to Port Charles , is a great first step in the right direction.
    I believe that they’ll return next to GH!

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