GH’s Emme Rylan Has Another Special Talent–and You Can Have a Piece of It!


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You know she can act. You probably know she’s a working mom, which takes incredible skill. But you might not know that you can own your very own memento of another talent GH’s Emme Rylan (Lulu Spencer) has.

Gorgeous Garments and Beautiful Baubles

Rylan has a shop on Etsy where she sells her handmade apparel and jewelry. If you want, she can include an autographed photo a purchase of her for-sale items too.

Where Does This Busy Woman Find the Time, You Ask?

The breakneck taping speed and volume of lines daytime actors must learn is shocking sometimes even to other actors. Added to this generally demanding nature of work on a daytime serial is that Rylan’s Lulu Spencer is involved in some of GH’s most prominent storylines these days.

However, as with most film and television, working on a soap can involve a great contrast. Actors have to work fast and get their scenes right in often one take. But then they have downtime in dressing rooms and backstage when fellow actors are taping or sets are being prepared.

Rylan uses this time to hone her sartorial inclinations.

“As an actor I spend lots of time in my dressing room waiting to be called to set! I use that time to work on what is inspiring me at the moment,” Rylan says on her Etsy shop page.

The actor’s wares for sale have 360 positive reviews on Etsy. Etsy is a website where “creative entrepreneurs,” like Rylan, can sell what they make.

A special treat available in her shop right now are some super-cute, cowl-neck scarves.

Let’s Not Forget Her Most Important Job of All

And as we mentioned, Rylan has a family too. She is married to Don Money, with whom she shares two sons, Jackson and Levi. The couple is expecting a third child in June.

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