GH Star Kirsten Storms on an Ol’ Fave and a New Look!

Kirsten Storms, Maxie Jones on General Hospital.

Kirsten Storms has been on leave from General Hospital for personal reasons for a few weeks. But never fear, GH fans: her return is near!

Not A Firm Date, But Still Great

A fan Tweeted a plea for Storms to affirm that she’ll be returning to GH soon. She responded that her return wasn’t far. See her Tweet below.

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The super-popular fan fave also took to Instagram to share on her return to blond hair. She had been working a more mixed dark and blond look upon her last appearance on GH. We at Soap Cities actually really liked that look, but the current one is fab too. See her Instagram post below.

Fans Aren’t the Only Ones Missing Storms/Maxie

Nathan (Ryan Paevey) has been really bummed lately without his soul mate around. Maxie is in Portland visiting Georgie and working at a fashion magazine there for a bit.

Then Maxie was almost on her way back when her return got postponed. Nathan went from stoked to forlorn again. He’s starting to wonder if Maxie even needs him at all!

Also: Ryan Paevey took a GH break recently too.

This would then be the perfect, soapy time for Maxie to make a lovably flighty, fashionista return to his life. Of course, she’ll probably be aghast to see the state of their apartment, covered in empty beer bottles and pizza boxes. But than can be easily remedied, right, dear Soap Cities readers?

Thanks to my girl Sarah Gwinn for bringing me back to blonde. #youkilledit #refreshed

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