Saving AMC & OLTL on 6 Yr Cancellation Anniversary

Act today to get All My Children and One Life to Live rebooted! Image courtesy of Facebook group Save AMC and OLTL.

It’s been six years today, All My Children and One Life to Live fans, since our beloved soaps were canceled. But now is the perfect time to act to get them back!

Our Friends at Save AMC and OLTL

The fabulous folks at one of our favorite Save Our Soaps (SOS) groups, Save AMC and OLTL (SAO), didn’t let this day pass without noting why this is the perfect time to perform tasks to get those shows back. They also told us what those tasks are and exactly how to perform them. See their full post below.

The Time to Strike

Why are the soap stars aligned just right at this moment for us to act to get our shows back? A few reasons.

  1. Soon after ABC got the rights to AMC and OLTL back, talk of characters from those shows appearing on General Hospital, ABC’s only currently-aired soap, started. And it happened too–Nora (Hillary B. Smith) was just on GH!
  2. GH is said to be considering revisiting AMC storylines, such as those involving Alex Devane, Anna’s (Finola Hughes) twin sister.
  3. GH has re-hired writer Kate Hall, who wrote for AMC during its final four years on the air.
  4. ABC continues to hold meetings to decide what to do with AMC and OLTL now that they own those shows again.

A Powerful Five-Fold Formula

To sum it up succinctly, there are five things AMC and OLTL fans can do to show ABC we want our shows back and we’re willing to be proactive to get them–and then watch them once they return! You can find all the precise info you need in the SAO post below.

  1. Phone calls.
  2. Emails
  3. Feedback forms.
  4. Comment lines.
  5. Tweets.

So let’s get to it, AMC and OLTL fans! Let us know what you did and how it went in the comment section below!

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