GH Alum Meghan Markle Set to Join the British Royal Family!

Meghan Markle, GH alum and fiancee of Great Britain’s Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle, who played a day role on General Hospital as Nurse Jill, announced her engagement to a member of the British Royal Family.

It’s Official!

Prince Harry of Great Britain and Markle told the world of their decision to marry Monday.

Markle is the woman everyone wants to know about, so we wanted to join our friends at Soaps In Depth  (SID) in reminding them that Markle’s acting career includes a stint as a nurse by the name of Jill on General Hospital in 2002.

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“In that episode, AJ was desperate to convince Courtney to give him a second chance to prove himself after she dumped him, and an ailing Brenda wanted Jason to take her back to Europe because she felt her condition was worsening. Alexis had an angry confrontation at the hospital with Alcazar, who she blamed for the death of her sister,” recalled SID.

Yes, dear Soap Cities readers, the soap world now has representation in the British Royal family! Who woulda thunk it?!

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An Impressive Resume

Markle has several other TV and movie credits under her belt, including a long-running role as Rachel Zane on Suits.

She’s also a distant relative of Prince Harry, through a common noble ancestor from back in the days when royals never married outside fellow royalty or nobility. Well, they didn’t unless they wanted to abdicate their claim to a throne.

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And, Soap Cities reader Raymond Kevin reminded us of this Markle/GH-related fact: “Meghan has another GH connection–her dad, Tom Markle, was a lighting director on GH during the Gloria Monty-Wendy Riche era.”

Another Soap Cities reader, Brenda Parkerson reminded us of this, and we thank both her and Raymond!: “Thomas Markle actually won two daytime emmys for lighting director on GH 2011, and 1982 with several nominations between!”

What do you think of all this, readers?

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  1. Meghan has another GH connection- her dad Tom Markle was a Lighting Director on GH during the Gloria Monty – Wendy Riche eras.

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