Days Star Arianne Zucker Weighs In On Trump’s Casting Doubt on Access Hollywood Tape

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Days’ Arianne Zucker.

Days of Our Lives icon Arianne Zucker appeared on CNN to address Trump’s latest take on infamous  Access Hollywood tape.

No Take Backs

So say little kids often when they want someone to be unable to back out of something they’ve said or done. Arianne Zucker told Anderson Cooper she doesn’t understand how Trump could apologize for his the appalling comments recorded on a hot mic by Access Hollywood, then cast doubt on its authenticity, which The New York Times reported he has done privately.

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The tape has become one of the many glaringly offensive acts by the President, even casting doubt on whether he would be nominated by the Republican Party to run for president under his, which he was.

Tweet, Tweet

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Anderson Cooper took to Twitter to share a clip from Zucker’s appearance on his show and quote her on Trump’s attempt to de-ligitimize the obviously authentic tape. See that Tweet above and a related one below.

When Cooper asked Zucker if there’s any way the tape isn’t real, she responded in the only way a sane person can.

“I do know that I was there,” with a small laugh indicating the absurdity of the conversation necessitated by Trump’s latest antic, the actress said of the incident the tape recorded. She conceded she wasn’t on the bus when Trump said the things he said, of course.

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Real Talk

Access Hollywood host Natalie Morales presented the show’s strong position on the veracity of the tape on Monday’s show.

“Let us make this perfectly clear — the tape is very real. Remember his excuse at the time was ‘locker-room talk.’ He said every one of those words,” Time reported.

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