General Hospital Taught This Inspiring Man Several Lessons–While He Was In Prison!

Christopher Scott, a big GH fan!/Image: NPR

Falsely accused and wrongly imprisoned–Christopher Scott found a lifeline in General Hospital.

Outside: Killers, Inside: GH Fans

Christopher Scott was falsely accused of a crime and then wrongly convicted of it. One day he walked in to the prison’s “day room.”

“The first time I watched the soap opera in prison, I walked to the day room, and they was watching soap opera. And they was like, “Hey dude, this is the soap opera side of the day room, where people watch soap opera” — and I was like, “oh, this is the side that I need to be on,” Scott told NPR.

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He said his fellow GH fans were people who had committed violent crimes on the outside, but inside prison, they just wanted to watch a good soap opera every day–and we do mean “every day”–like us and you, dear Soap Cities readers.

The nickname for GH in Scott’s prison was, “The Dope,” because it was addictive. I think we can all relate to that, no, readers?

Sonny Corinthos, Teacher

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Scott told NPR of how he learned entrepreneurship from none other than Port Charles mob boss, Sonny Corinthos.

He used that knowledge to start his own business in prison, serving hamburgers and the like to fellow prisoners.

“Scott was exonerated after 13 years in prison,” our truly awesome friends at NPR reported.

He started a PI business that seeks to help exonerate other innocence cases. He’ll be profiled in an upcoming PBS documentary.

And, Scott still never misses a day of GH!

“I know watching soap operas helped me with my dilemma, and we all can learn a lesson about how we choose not to judge people about what they think or what they watch because we all need something to hold on to,” the inspiring Scott said.

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  1. Now if this isn’t inspiring , then I don’t know what is! THIS is proof that Soaps alone STILL MATTER to us , and will do anything to preserve the ones we have save the genre from Extinction, and to continue to fight for the return of our cancelled Soaps as well!

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