Days of Our Lives Spoilers, Thursday, November 16th: Kayla Delivers Upsetting News About Theo!



Theo, Lani, and Kayla, in the Days of Our Lives spoilers.

The Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, November 16th, foretell that the soulful souls of Salem are bathed in more soapy suds than you can imagine–or maybe you can, because it’s an awesome daytime serial, after all!

Paging Dr. Johnson

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) has an unpleasant task, one that she’s faced before as an indispensable part of the medical team at the hospital. She has to deliver disturbing news about Theo (Kyler Pettis). The news causes even more upset for the already struggling Carver family. Theo’s sister, Lani (Sal Stowers) and father, Abe (James Carver), as well as others who care deeply for Theo.

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Valerie Has News of Her Own

Meanwhile, another Salem doctor, Valerie (Vanessa Williams) makes an decision that doesn’t come easily. She decides to make a confession to Abe. Is this the right time for that, dear Soap Cities readers? We trust, as many of you likely do, that Valerie is wise enough to always do what’s best in tricky situations like this.

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JJ’s Agony

The only thing worse than being Theo right now is being someone who cares about him and has to watch him fight for his life. Possibly worse than that is JJ’s (Casey Moss) predicament. He accidentally shot dear Theo, and he’s just devastated as both a friend of the Carver family and a dedicated cop. Understandably, Thursday, he second-guesses his actions.

Kooky Kate’s At It Again

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Whoa, there! It’s Kate (Lauren Koslow) back in full form, just as we like her! Thursday she resorts to blackmail to deal with a certain situation. Her victim? Tripp (Lucas Adams)!

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  1. You bet she does! Mrs.Dimera has caused enough,damage for starters she blackmailed Tripp,so she wouldn’t be found out, next she got Theo,to do her dirty work,and when,Steve,and Abe ,find out,not to,mention,Chad,Abby,and Andre.,Kate,will be going down,so fast it could make a person,s head,spin Elizabeth Ward

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