Days Star Bryan Dattilo Spills on Chandler Massey Return and More!

Will and Lucas, on Days of Our Lives.

Bryan Dattilo shared his thoughts about his exciting upcoming storyline and Lucas Horton’s many dilemmas!

Back from the Dead?

“We keep it mysterious,” Dattilo said of whether Lucas’s encounter with his son Will Horton was real or a figment of his inebriated imagination, as recounted to our friend and the soap industry’s premier journalist, Michael Logan.

“It’s all shot very cinematically, so you’re not quite sure what’s really going on. But Lucas doesn’t want to believe he’s talking to Will’s ghost…Will’s looking at his dad like, ‘You are so in denial about your drinking.’ And it’s true. Lucas passes out and wakes up in the hospital. But he’s committed to staying drunk.”

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There’s much buzz going on at Days, what with the return of Chandler Massey as Will, which naturally figures into Dattilo’s recent scenes with his supposedly dead son. Dattilo dished to Michael Logan his thoughts on what’s going on with his character, who’s been drowning in a sea of alcohol of late, relapsing after a long stint in AA. Will “seeing” his son force him to change his self-destructive ways? We’ll be watching right along with you, dear readers!

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Looking Back

The actor dished on his audition to play Lucas Horton–which was 24 years ago!–in an interview with Glamour magazine in 2015.

“It was terrifying. There was a bunch of us, and we were all different sizes, but roughly the same type. There was a really muscular Lucas, a thinner Lucas, a very good-looking Lucas, etc., so it was weird seeing 12 different versions of you,” he told Glamour.

Well, that sounds very “Salem,” doesn’t it, dear readers–especially these days, with two doppelgängers running amok in town!

Did you know, Days fans, that Dattilo went to THE Beverly Hills High, then majored in psychology at Santa Monica College?

More on Lucas’ Relapse

Dattilo told Logan he’s a huge fan of Dudley Moore’s classic film, Arthur. That movie tells the story of the eponymous character, a well-to-do alcoholic whom Dudley Moore portrayed with a sad humor that gained the film many fans–including Dattilo.

Dattilo finds echoes of Moore’s Arthur in Lucas’ current addictive predicament.

“The writing has definitely taken it to a comedic place, but this is also the most in-depth I’ve ever gone,” the actor mused.

Despite his praise for where the writing has taken Lucas–including giving the poor guy a storyline and screen-time after a long time of the opposite–Dattilo said he’s only met new Head Writer Ron Carlivati in passing as the writer was “madly running through the hallway.”

Dattilo recalled to Logan that the emotion Lucas displayed when he was in the hospital confronted by mom Kate (Lauren Koslow), sister Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), and aunt Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) was real. The actor said he said he didn’t foresee the scene becoming as intense as it did.

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Dattilo added that fans never really got behind the Lucas and Adrienne pairing as they did with Lucas and Sami. And fan support is what makes that special magic called a soap supercouple, after all, right, readers? He even hinted that Lucas and Adrienne aren’t really each others’ end game.

“We’re getting to the root of my character’s pain in a way we never have before,” Dattilo said.

We at Soap Cities think Dattilo is doing a masterful job with his portrayal of Lucas  lately and are hopeful that the character gets on a path to resolving his problems. What do you think, readers?

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