Veteran Soap Scribe & Son of Claire Labine, Matt Labine Dies at 58

Matt Labine, with mother, Claire, and sister, Eleanor, below.

Veteran soap writer Matt Labine died on September 1st at the young age of just 58.

Goodbye, Ol’ Soap Friend

Labine passed away after a “lingering illness,” according to our wonderful friends over at We Love Soaps.

Labine and his mother Claire, who died in November 2016, were an unusual soap writing team in two ways. First, of course, they were mother and son. Second, they were arguably the best scribes in the industry. Of course, that is only our opinion dear readers!

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They were head writers at General Hospital during one of its Golden Eras from 1993-1996. They told compelling, exciting stories such as that of the Ward family and Lois (ex-Rena Sofer) and Brenda’s company, (Vanessa Marcil) L&B Records.

He also wrote for Ryan’s Hope, One Life to Live, Loving, and Guiding Light. He won a Daytime Emmy and four Writer’s Guild of America awards for his work in daytime.

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An Impressive Pre-Soap Life

Labine got his B.A. in Economics from Yale. He was an accomplished crew rower as well.

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“Labine is survived by his wife Catharine, son Michael and daughter Ann; sister Eleanor and brother John; father Roland ‘Clem’ Labine and step- mother Deirdre Lawrence; mother-in-law Claudia Scholtz and father-in-law Andrew Scholtz,” according to We Love Soaps.

Soap Cities extend our condolences to the Labine family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them!

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